Friday, January 30, 2015

Beautiful Blooms

I love growing indoor bulbs like amaryllis because I don't have to be concerned with late freezes like out in the garden.   When everything is gray and dead outside they bring a glimpse of the spring to come.  
I purchased my bulbs for $5 and planted them around the first of December.   They are so easy to grow and when they  begin to bloom from what was an ugly oversized bulb, I wished I had bought more to enjoy.         

(Myriad Botanical Garden Conservatory)

More snow is headed our way here in the heartland!
We've had a few days of record breaking 
high temperatures in the 70's which was amazing, however my daffodils and tulips have grown more than usual and now I worry their blooms will be damaged for spring.  There is nothing prettier than a bouquet of daffodils on the breakfast table!

I am really enjoying the gigantic crimson blooms of my amaryllis and hoping mother nature gives us a bounty of blossoms in our gardens this spring.   

Counting the days until spring! 


  1. Beautiful! Have I told you that amaryllis grows in the garden here? We have my husband's grandmother's bulbs in ours. No blooms yet since we planted them. Maybe this summer. :)

  2. How pretty, I would like to try and grow some of those. I wonder if they would do well in Central Florida.

  3. Beautiful amaryllis, Sonia! My mom (in Iowa) puts her outside in the summer, then brings them in over the fall and lets them go dormant in the basement. When ready for bloom-time, she brings them back upstairs and starts watering them. They don't bloom outside but they seem to flourish otherwise.

  4. Sonia - I bought amaryllis and paper whites at WalMart the week after Christmas. The amaryllis was already growing one stem out of the box. I was determined to try to get them grow. And grow they did. Beautiful red blooms on the amaryllis with four on one stem, big, big , big Bloomberg, the paper whites were bright and had a fragrant snell to them. They both just grew at such a rapid speed. Enjoyed them..


    I bought boxes of amaryllis the week after Christmas for $2 each. They just grew like Crazy. One stem has four huge red flowers and t hey are gorgeous. I really enjoyed them and will probably try them next year. They just pop up overnight.

    Fun to watch!


  5. So nice to have flowers blooming n the house during winter! And your tea party looked beautiful with those daffodils cheering up the table -- I'm sure yours outside will be fine; they can stand some cold and just won't grow taller if it's too cold before spring. Even our daffs are poking up right next to the house -- even here in Iowa. Here's to an early spring!

  6. Hi Sonia! I was visiting a friend's blog when I saw your name "Miss Bloomers" and was instantly intrigued so I had to come for a visit :)

    I had a delightful time scrolling through your pretty blog and have become a happy new follower. I look forward to visiting again. Hugs! Stephanie - The Enchanting Rose

  7. Your flowers are so beautiful. Looking at them makes me anxious for spring. I hope you're enjoying your week... :)

  8. So lovely, Sonia! Wishing you spring soon! :)
    Where do you go in Hot Springs? I assume you mean Hot Springs, AR? We own a timeshare in Bella Vista, AR, which is a really pretty area and not far from you is it?? We have not been to Hot Springs but have always wanted to go there when we were in AR. Anyway, wishing you warmer weather soon!


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