Thursday, October 11, 2012

Southern Garden Wedding

I can't believe it has been months since I have posted...sometimes life just happens and time slips away!

I recently retired from almost 20 years  as a registered nurse and  hung up my stethoscope!   I am so grateful for the ability to be full-time homemaker
however the past few months have been hectic!  We have been planning a southern garden wedding!

Garden at the Commodore Inn

Our son called us in August and told us he was getting married in October and we only had 90 days to help plan the event.  He brought his fiance here to meet us  ...they live in Georgia and we are in Oklahoma so I scurried around and re-decorated and painted the guest room for Ashley's arrival!  

My mother is also having health issues and lives in Florida so  I will leave tomorrow to spend some time with her the week before the wedding.    On top of that we also had two trips planned to Colorado and another to California before the addition of the wedding trip...whew!   We have just returned from a wonderful time in Tahoe and needless to say blogging has taken a backseat these past two months!

 I thought  I would stop in and post a few pictures of the wedding location in Georgia before I head down south for the week.

My daughter-in law " to be"  has always wanted to get married in a gazebo and this 1840's antebellum home   in Bainbridge has the perfect outdoor garden and gazebo.   The gazebo was being refurbished so I can't wait to see how it looks all decked out for fall!  The home has been converted to a bed and breakfast.
Spanish moss hangs from the ancient oak trees that canopy the garden.  

I'm off to Florida tomorrow and then on to Georgia for a true southern wedding!

Exciting times...will post more pictures when I get back!

Have a great week!