Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bodacious Window Boxes

I have long been attracted to window boxes and plan on adding a large one under my front window this year.   I've been shopping online to find just the right one.

The window boxes at Butchart Gardens are the most  bodacious flower boxes I've ever seen.  When we visited the garden in  July the flowers were at peak bloom. 

The combinations of flowers and size of the boxes are just breathtaking!    

I have some french wire flower baskets that hang under the back windows of my home and on the brick wall outside my kitchen window.   They provide a sweet little spot of color and I enjoy changing the combinations each year.

The window boxes at Butchart are my inspiration and maybe someday I can replicate just one of them!

I can't wait until after April 1st (our last frost date) to plant my wire baskets again.  I try to find bright color combos and plants that work well together for light and watering.
They just make me happy!

Don't you just love window boxes?