Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Almost Foolproof Color

    Let's face it during the hottest part of summer most of us want plants that aren't too fussy and can 
handle stress from the heat, drought 
wind or storms. 

In Oklahoma we get a little of everything and I'm happy that I have some foolproof plants in my garden that I don't have to worry about.   Oh I have fussy plants too but it's nice to have some low maintenance plants!  
The above pictures were taken in July  a few summers ago when my sunny border was in full bloom.  Everything is a perennial or shrub and low maintenance.   


The knockout roses are just the best shrubs I've ever had...I love them to pieces and they are always in bloom throughout the summer and continue right up until frost!  


My Chaste tree or Texas Lilac is gorgeous and can take the heat.  It just started blooming this week and blooms before the crepe myrtles.

Look at all the blooms!  I  love the fact that it drops seeds and I have  free seedlings.  This year I am going to transplant them onto the greenbelt behind my house.  They love full sun and benefit from having lots of space. 

Pink Cleome or spider plants I start from seed and it reseeds itself ..this year my seeds are just starting to pop up.  We are about a month behind our normal growing season due to late frosts and buckets of rain. 

I don't use sprays or pesticides in my garden for fear of hurting the beneficial bugs and the wildlife so I do have a few things that get munched on but I feel it's healthier for our environment to be as organic as possible.  These plants rarely need anything and aren't  bothered by insects.  All they need is just an occasional  pruning really just to keep them inbounds.  They will need regular watering during the really hot months of July and August but will reward with lots of pretty blooms.   


Crepe Myrtles are just the best foolproof plants in the South and Midwest and mine are growing well this year but haven't bloomed yet.  Last year I planted 5 new plants.  I can't wait till 
they start blooming!


Last year I added  Dynamite,  Tuscarora, Natchez and Candy Cane which is a smaller variety and they are  still getting established this year.    

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Dynamite is a deep red and is named appropriately!

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Natchez is the prettiest white and
 has a weeping habit.

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Tuscarora is a bright pink and is advertised as one of the best bloomers with a long flowering cycle.

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Candy Cane is a cute pink with white ruffled edges and I just love it.

Black- eyed Susan's and Blanket flowers are heat lovers too and give a pop of color to my border.

Summer is here and I can't wait for everything to be in full bloom. 
 Hope you are enjoying your garden! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Favorite Things

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things around my home and garden this week. 

My favorite red geraniums are in a favorite antique yellow ware bowl.   This bowl belonged to my great aunt and  I love my childhood memory of watching her make homemade biscuits when I would go visit  the family farm.  We couldn't wait until
 they came out of the oven!

This time of year when the hydrangeas are blooming is my favorite season for gardening. 
Our year has been full of  crazy weather to say the least and while the plants aren't quite as big this year, I still adore the mophead blooms!

Everyone loves this lacecap...'Frau Reiko'...what's not to love?   It's gorgeous and is among the most hardy of the varieties I grow.  The leaves are thicker and the stems much more upright and sturdy than other varieties. 

I'm on a mission to propagate these this year since they are very hard to find in nurseries or even
online.   I had started one a couple years ago and last year it did grow and bloom but didn't make it through this past winter.   I'm taking a dozen or more  cuttings and seeing if I can grow more for me and my friends.  Fingers crossed!

The oak leaf hydrangea is beautiful and mine is over 5 feet tall now.  It did take several years to become established in my garden, but so worth 
the extra effort.   

My french wire flower baskets are full of begonias and bacopa this year...flower boxes and baskets are always among my favorites!

Before the storms hit a couple weeks ago I took a picture of my arbor with all the roses in bloom.  The arbor and fence were gifts  from my hubbie and is definitely one of my favorite things in my garden!
The roses finally made it to the top and bloomed.

My front porch is another of my favorites...I love the rocking chairs my family gave me for 
Mother's Day a couple years ago! 

Red impatients are favorites in the shade and
 I love the splash of color they give to any area. 
This pot is sitting on a wire frog, a gift from a friend ...another favorite.

Hope you are enjoying your favorite things!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gruene, Texas

Last month our Texas trip took us back to familiar places but we  also "discovered" a new favorite place to visit.  The little historic district of Gruene  (pronounced Green) was a fun place to shop, dine and just spend a leisurely day!  It's located within New Braunfels, Texas between
 Austin and San Antonio.

The Gruene Mansion Inn was striking with the wrap around porch and beautiful grounds.  Had I known about this place ahead of time we would have stayed there. 

Oh well, there's always next time! 

What a delightful little place to spend the day!
We walked along the tree lined streets and enjoyed the flower displays in front of the historic
 gift and antique shops.

We had a lovely lunch at the Gristmill which I highly recommend! 
The food is great and in fact it was voted one of the best family dining experiences in the country 
and I'd have to agree.
Make sure you order the "Gruene" beans...
they are great!

We love visiting the Texas Hill Country 
and were happy to find a new favorite!

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