Friday, June 17, 2011

Hydrangeas-My Favorites!!

This month my hydrangeas are at their peak so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

This is a varitey that can tolerate more sun than most ...I love the pink and purple blooms and leathery foilage.  Wish I could find the plant tag or remember the name of this one as it does great in
our hot summers!

The hydrangeas below are all 'Nikko Blue' a tried and true variety and easy to find.

My hydrangea border is behind my house and only gets the east morning sun...they love this location and share it with our resident turtle Mr. "T" who has been out and about again.

The oakleaf hydrangea is in the foreground..first white elongated blooms that turn lime green.  

The variety is 'Nikko Blue' but some do bloom more pink so I just add more organic material like peat moss or pecan hulls to make the ph of the soil more acidic.   I don't mind if some are pink  as it just adds more color to my border.  

No matter what color they are I just love these big mopheads!!    Right now I am having to give them plenty of extra waterings as the temperatures are above 100 degrees. 

As summer heat turns to fall the blooms turn a wonderful lime green with touches of mauve..and that's when I cut them for drying in arrangements.

If you've never grown them I highly recommend you give them a try... with a little extra care you won't be disappointed!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sunday Favorites-Nature Inspired Table

Originally posted last year on
 Mother's Day weekend. 
  I'm joining Chari's Sunday Favorites this week.  Hope your Sunday is blessed!

 Nature Inspired Table

I love bringing the outdoors in...birds, nests, eggs, garden tools and other natural materials  I've collected from here and there just make me happy.    This weekend I gathered some of my favorite things from around my house to create a nature-inspired table for one.  

The green transferware teapot was a gift from a friend..she brought it to me from a trip to Williamsburg.  I love the bird pattern motif!

I made a simple burlap tablecloth.   All I did was purchase several yards of burlap and threw it in the washing machine.  It frayed all by itself and created this wonderful natural hem.

I found the green "runner"   at a thrift store. It's actually a Waverly valance panel and I love the fern pattern.  Old window coverings make great runners or tablecloths and are usually inexpensive at garage sales and thrift stores.  

The bird is from Goodwill for $3.00 and it still has a Stein Mart price tag of $19.99 on the bottom.  The little cloche with the robin's egg I made from odds and ends I found at a thrift store.  The dome was $1.00 and the clear candleholder was .75 cents and they fit together perfectly!

This adorable old bee hive creamer was half-price at an antique store that was having a closing sale.  Later that same day I found another honeypot on sale and thought they would look cute together.

The old vintage garden book was from a friend's mother's estate.  I love old garden books!  The art on this old cover is very sweet.

My green majolica cabbage plates and a nest are always welcome.

A little bird and garden stakes are welcome too!

My garden tea table was a treat for me on Mother's Day weekend!  Take the time a set a beautiful table just for you!

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Walk

Now that the temperatures have soared to 90 degrees and above things are really starting to grow in my garden.  Before leaving on my trip to Florida I snapped a few pictures and thought I would share them for Beverly's Pink Saturday and Tootsie's Fertilizer Friday.

My newest pink hydrangea...
just look at the size of this mophead!!! 
 I couldn't resist.

My garden gate arbor with the the first flush of  climbing knockouts....I really love these roses.  Bloom all season long!

A purple clematis vine..the perfect
companion to plant with roses.

After we mow tomorrow I'll
add more pictures of the garden.

Happy Fertilizer Friday and  
Pink Saturday!