Tuesday, August 27, 2013

McReily's Lavender Farm

What a joy it was to visit McReily's Lavender Farm while vacationing in Colorado last week!

In recent years I've been bit by the lavender bug and I'm always excited to discover a new farm to visit.  

Just north of Boulder we drove along
 a scenic country road until we arrived
 at the farm on Monarch Road. 

The farm is easy to find and
 is well marked.  

 I  first "visited"  the farm via the internet and read about the farm at their website  (here)  before our trip. 
They are open on weekends and  I emailed ahead to confirm.   
Most interesting to me was that they have converted a dairy farm into their home, gardens and studio.   

The barn is lovely as a home and they even kept the silo! 
 An old shed became the flower
 shop and studio where Richelle displays her fresh cut bouquets, lavender products and
 gifts for purchase.    

Richelle gave us a tour of her lovely gardens and answered many of my questions about growing lavender.
I shared with her my plans to enlarge my garden with a dedicated lavender garden and she gave me suggestions of some of the best varieties to grow for scent and cutting. 

We also talked about the weather and how she had damage to her lavender plants this year due to late freezes.   She and her crew are hard at work and she plans on transplanting 
more lavender from another field.    

She also grows many other varieties of  flowers for cutting and creates beautiful bouquets that she 
sells in her shop.

When you open the door to her shop the aroma of lavender rushes out to greet you!  It has been said by scientists that smelling lavender reduces cortisol levels and reduces free radicals in the body.  It 's also long been used to promote relaxation and sleep as well as just encourage a spirit of calmness.   Lavender farmers must be the healthiest  people in the world or maybe just the happiest!

Richelle shared that once her 
flower shop/studio was an old leaning building they refurbished.   Now it is a beautiful cottage space that's dreamy with soft white walls and pretty windows.  She shares the space with her partner Mike who uses the space as his landscape design studio. 

I  just loved the giant windmill, the old vintage trucks and the friendly farm dog who seems to have never
 met a stranger!

I purchased some of Richelle's lavender products and a generous bouquet of  freshly cut lavender to enjoy before thanking her and heading on our way.     

 Mr. Bloomer stored my lavender bouquet in his golf bag so it wouldn't be crushed in my suitcase for the flight home...
his golf bag has never smelled better!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bee Tea

When we were on vacation early last year I found the most adorable  bee-inspired pieces for my table.   The pattern is so sweet and I have been adding to my little collection over this past year.

I actually found the tea bag holder in Carmel and then the honeypot and creamer in
 Solvang a few days later.   Love when that happens!

I've always loved blue and white tables so this 
pattern just stole my heart.
I was certain there had to be a matching teapot somewhere and I was fortunate to find
 it on the internet.

I later purchased the matching desert plates
 and tea mug to complete my little tablescape.

Sunflowers from the grocery store inspired me to set my table out in the garden this morning with the butterflies and bees buzzing about!

The napkins were purchased several years ago in an antique store.  The french provencial pattern is one of my favorites and the table cloth was a thrifty
 find in Austin. 

I found the bee skep in a local craft mall and love the natural element it adds to the table. 

I love stacking different textures and patterns!

This was a fun table to set and when the weather cools off a bit I can't wait to share it with a friend!

Enjoy the summer....school is staring here and fall is just around the corner!

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