Sunday, January 31, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday-Hurry Spring!

The winter storm has left me couped up in the house for 4 days..a very long time for me.  I did however reluctantly take down the decorations from the baby shower.  My room looked bare and not "girly" anymore....I'm a little sad about to cheer myself up I decided to go to work on my side table in the dining room and redecorate it again.  So here's my metamorphosis: 





I put my cloche front and center on the table with that sweet little nuthatch inside.  She's watching over her nest.

I added a robin's nest to fill in the bare area under the cloche.  I'm using a birdie candlestick to hold up a plate I love since I don't officially have a "cloche holder".   

I added a cyrstal basket full of bird's eggs....

and some yellow forsythia which always says "spring"  is here...  

even though it looks like this outside

my little table says "Hurry Spring"!

Hope everyone has a great week and makes a visit to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to check out all the amazing transformations!  Susan's porch is so fun to see during construction.  Thanks Susan for sharing the prettiest porch I've ever seen!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Silver Sunday-Taxco-Mexican Silver

It's Silver Sunday again and I just love sharing special pieces I've collected over the years.

Favorite Mexican silver pieces

Several years ago while on a trip to Acapulco, Mexico we decided to take a day trip to Taxco.  I had read about Taxco and the silver mines in National Geophraphic and never dreamed I would ever be visiting there.  Taxco is an ancient city known for the rich abundance of silver and silver mines. 

Photo: Travels with Tavel
The trip was quite an adventure and the city was magnificient with old architecture.   It is nestled in the mountains surrounded by gorgeous scenery of  flowers and stucco buildings with red tiled roofs.  I was primarily there to shop for silver and learn more about the silver mines but we also visited a beautiful marketplace and the Santa Prisca Catholic church.

Photo: Bill Beck

I purchased several pieces of jewelry but my favorite find were these tulip candlesticks.  I adore tulips and I've never seen another set like these anywhere.  They look beautiful on a spring table and add a nice sparkle to tablesettings. 

      I love adding them into my Valentine's vignette

I fell in love with these bracelets and also purchased a black onyx and silver cross. 

 These tiny but very ornate salt and pepper shakers are little bell peppers and I thought they were so cute and unusual.  

The history of Taxco is rich and interesting and I had a lovely day shopping for silver treasures directly from the silversmith's shops.  I don't know how safe it is to travel there now..but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place and bring home some Mexican silver treasures. 

Click on link for more information on Taxco

Hope everyone has fun visiting Gypsy Fish and all those gorgeous silver posts!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Silver Sunday- Girly- Girl Pink and Silver

I just love pink and "girly girl" tablesettings with china,  crystal and silver.   These photos were from my best friend's  baby shower on Saturday.   I used  silver pieces from both of my grandmother's collections as well as my mom and mother-in-law pieces.  

It was fun deciding on what special pieces to use.  These pretty little silver spoons have a wonderful cameo rose pattern on the handles.  

I mixed  crystal, china and the sparkle of silver to finish the table.


The spoons and forks above are from my mother-in-law's set of Westmoreland sterling silver.  The pattern is Milburn Rose and I think it is so elegant.


The cake server in the right of the picture is beautifully engraved.

This three tiered server is one of my favorite pieces..I used three silver trays I bought at the Dollar Tree to coordinate with the silver on the table.  I added doiles under the baby shower cookies and a big pink bow.  Who says "silver"  has to be expensive?     

Can't wait to see what you "Silver Sisters"  have posted this week!  Happy Silver Sunday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eagles and Lake Tahoe -Outdoor Wednesday

My favorite lake is Lake Tahoe, California.  I fell in love with the area the first time I visited  while on my honeymoon over thirty years ago.  I look forward to our trips there in the summer.  

The water is crystal clear and the bluest of blues.  This beach area is a great spot to spend a day, kayaking, swimming or just to have a picnic.

I love the rock formations.

Another beach area at South Lake Tahoe. 

The workmanship on this little cabin is so unique and is in one of my favorite state parks along the shores of the lake.  

Aerial view taken by my son over
Emerald Bay.

There is an amazing change of color in the deeper waters of the lake so evident from above.

The best part of our trip this past year was seeing an Eagle's nest at the entrance to Emerald Bay.

It was amazing to see this giant nest in the top of a dead tree....

And even more amazing to see an young eagle in the adjacent tree.  ( you can also see the nest in the lower left tree)


Lake Tahoe is a nature lover's paradise!  

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

Go visit Susan and all the other great outdoor posts.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silver Sunday-Granny's Silver Box

Silver Sunday is here again and I've enjoyed the first two weeks so much at Gypsy Fish.  Everyone has posted some wonderful silver treasures.  

These pieces are all from my family.   I love the iced teaspoons.  They are S. Kirk and Sons Sterling from the early 1900's and the pattern is Repouse.  The flower motiff is so detailed and beautiful.

The sterling silver cigarette box was my grandmother's and is dated 1874 on the bottom.  My mother told me when I was a little girl I loved to play with it...I don't remember.. but I do love that it was my "granny's" and I store some of her keepsakes it in.  

The small seafood /appetizer forks have a pretty little pattern on them..I'm still doing research on them to see who made them and how old they are.   


I've had so much fun each Sunday looking at everyone's posts and seeing such gorgeous silver pieces and I've developed a new appreciation  for own my pieces as well.   

Happy Silver Sunday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fertlizer Friday Flaunt your Flowers-New Bloomers!

I'm joining my friend Tootsie this week for Fertlizer Friday/Flaunt your Flowers.  I always enjoy visiting her blog and seeing everyone's weekly posts.

I am still "bloomerless" in my landscape and I desperately need to go buy some fresh flowers this weekend to cheer up my home.    

These are some beautiful bloomers from a trip to California we took last year..they make me happy especially when snow is still on the ground outside. 

I love these hot colored zinnas..they don't do well in my yard but I love seeing them in mass plantings.  

This hanging petunia was so pretty and fragrant hanging under a metal arbor.

I love this get's too hot for these in Oklahoma's summer..another reason I need a greenhouse! 

They were just bringing out the mums in September when we were there.

A french wire basket full of fragances...

and a lovely little flower border along a sidewalk.

And you may have noticed my newest "bloomers."   Thanks to Jackie at  Memories by Design for helping me create my custom blog button!      

Hope everyone has a fun Fertilzer Friday and Flaunt your Flowers!