Monday, February 23, 2015

Dreaming of Lavender

February has been so cold and we have snow on the ground. This time of year I am dreaming of and planning my spring garden.   We have been in a drought for a number of years and this spring I want to include many more plants and flowers that have minimal watering requirements.   We are already on a year-round water rationing schedule so planting the right flowers is important to keep my garden full of blooms this summer.  

Lavender is one plant that tops my list each year since it doesn't need a lot of water.   Our winters can be harsh too so I find myself replanting a few plants each year as some don't make it through the cold.   I don't mind though because I am rewarded with such beautiful flowers 
for cutting and lavender has few pests.  
It's also bunny and deer resistant too!

I've been trying a few more varieties each year to see which will grow best in my climate.  I think Provence, Grosso and Blanco top the list so far for Oklahoma.   This year I want like to try a few of the deep purple varieties and will have to order online since my local nurseries only 
carry the more common varieties.  

My hubbie and I will be putting in a few more beds for lavender this spring.   I will be ordering my 'Grosso' plants from Purple Haze Lavender in Sequim, 
Washington this year.  

                                   Purple Haze Lavender Farm

For our anniversary in July we are headed up to  Washington for the lavender festival and then up to Vancouver Island, British Columbia to enjoy the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  There are so many lavender farms in that area and I can hardly wait to experience all that lavender in person.  
   The Sequim Lavender Festival  is a three day event and I hope to visit each and every farm on the tour.   

(Photos used by permission)
 Purple Haze Lavender Farm

  Just looking at lavender via Pinterest and 
visiting lavender farm websites
 is therapy this time of year. 

I'm counting the days until Spring!

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