Monday, June 10, 2019

So Much Rain!

What a crazy weather month we have much rain, record rainfalls as a matter of fact!  
I can't remember this much rain since we moved to Oklahoma but everything is nice and green so I shouldn't complain as many across our state have lost homes in the flooding.

I've been out in the butterfly garden staking things up and cutting things back so they don't lean over in the dirt.  So thankful for the intermittent sunshine between the downpours!

Larkspur is so pretty but definitely needs help with heavy rains and wind to stay upright.  I hid a tomato cage in the bed and tied the stalks to it.

Seems we get a day or two break and then another round of thunderstorms hit.  We had a small hail storm a couple days ago and I was so thankful my garden only had minor damage!

The star of my garden this month has been the 'Snow Queen' oakleaf hydrangea.  She has really put on a show and held up through the wind and rain!

I purchased in a one gallon pot about 15 years ago and although it took a few years to start really blooming,  it has been worth the wait!  Hardy and reliable, Snow Queen has bloomed every year since it established.    

The early mornings when the sun is shining after the rains are a welcome sight.   The sunpatiens I planted love water but they need more heat to grow into the beautiful full mounds they are known for! 

I love the coral pink impatiens with the purple pentas off my patio.   The hummingbirds love the pentas too!  

A few pots of coleus are happy in the shade on the patio. They don't seem to mind all the rain we've had.  

Hope your weather has calmed down in your 
neck of the woods.