Saturday, January 30, 2021

Hurry Spring!

Once Christmas has passed I'm ready for Spring!  It's  still two months until Spring but I do plant a few things in patio pots that help me get through the long gloomy days of winter.

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I'm in garden zone 7a and we can enjoy pansies, ornamental kale and some camelias in the middle of winter.   My hellebores are just starting to bud and are my favorite winter blooms.

Ornamental kale changes to pure white or dark red and purple when the temperatures get cold.   The last couple years they have become my go to plant for containers on my patio.   They have done well in flower boxes too.  When it gets down in the 20's I do cover them up to keep them looking their best.  

My daffodils are peaking through the soil and I can hardly wait for their happy sunshiny blooms.

We had a devastating ice storm in October and had major damage to our trees so I'm anxious to see how our trees will look this Spring.  We have had our tree crew out to trim 8 mature oaks and may have to do more pruning.

I guess there is always an upside to losing limbs as my garden will have more sunlight and I'll be able to grow more sun loving plants. 

What's on your list for Spring planting?