Monday, August 24, 2020

Pollinator Buffet

It's been several months since I does that happen?  Life has been a challenge for so many of us this year and I have taken solace in my garden.  Now that the temperatures have soared into the mid 90's I'm not spending as much time outside, but I'm making sure everything is watered so that when cooler temperatures arrive everything will get it's second wind!    I'm so ready for fall but still enjoying the blooms throughout the garden.  I went to a plant sale in Tulsa for some pollinator and hummingbird plants to specifically set up a little buffet on my patio table for viewing.  

 I love looking out my breakfast room window each morning while enjoying my first
 cup of coffee.   

 I purchased pollinator favorites of purple coneflower, red sage, firecracker cuphea, creme drop phlox, lavender and blue face angelonia.  

It wasn't long before a female Monarch arrived and she did lay eggs on the milkweed out in the garden but I've not seen any caterpillars yet.     

Huge bumble bees visit daily as well as the hummingbirds.  

This red and purple cuphea with it's batface is one of my favorites too.  

 Most of what I purchased are perennials and will be planted out in the garden this fall but until then I have loved my morning view!

Purple Coneflower