Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April Freeze!

We had sunshine and 77 degrees a few days ago.   Mom and I had visited the garden center last week and couldn't resist  purchasing a few plants knowing that our last freeze date had not arrived.  Blame it on Spring Fever I guess!  I spent Saturday afternoon putting them in the greenhouse instead of the usual garage location. 

I did purchase two wire shelves that are 72 inches tall and 36 inches wide.  They hold 15 flats each and will provide plenty of room to start seedlings,  hold my patio pots and store gardening supplies.

My hubbie did place a small heater in the greenhouse and we've have been monitoring the temperature periodically.  Sunday night it did get down to 32 degrees outside and the greenhouse maintained 46 degrees.   

This is a learning experience for us and so far we are very happy with our little greenhouse.  Last week with the sun shining the temperature soared to 100 degrees inside and we now leave the doors open on sunny days.  I planted some herbs and and tomatoes this week and they will remain in the greenhouse safe from squirrels, birds and rabbits.  I will add a screen curtain in the doorway to keep them out.

The weather reports say we will get down to the 20's tonight.  I do hope they are wrong by a few degrees!   It's in the 60's outside now and we have really strong winds.   I did go out and water plants and will be covering up my hydrangeas in hopes they will not be damaged.  Crossing my fingers!

Spring in Oklahoma is full of weather challenges and I'm already grateful to have a little greenhouse to 
protect my plants and garden goodies.