Saturday, April 13, 2019

Easter Patio Pots

I can't wait to see lots of color in the garden 
after a long cold winter! 
Yellows, pinks and reds are so welcome and with the uncertainty of late frosts I love putting new plants in pots that I can move quickly into the greenhouse if needed.  

My  Japanese Red Maples are at peak color and are my favorite trees in the landscape! 

I was fortunate to find two gorgeous hydrangeas
 last weekend at Lowe's!   

Another red maple outside my bathroom window makes for a pretty view!

I love window boxes and found these wire 
baskets years ago.  Each year I fill them with a new combination of flowers.  This year I choose burgundy snapdragons to echo the colors of the red maples and the yellow violas make them pop.  

Spring is here! 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

First Blooms

King Alfred

Spring has finally arrived and
 the first bloomers are my sweet daffodils.  
The yellow colors 
just brighten my mood and end the winter gloom. 
I've always said yellow was my "happy" color!


The first wave of daffys have already bloomed.  The above tete-a tete minature variety is a favorite and blooms early.  They are small but have multiple blooms which makes me wish I had planted more.   We used an auger attachment on my hubbie's drill that I purchased at Lowe's in the garden department and it made fast work of planting over 120 bulbs. 


I really love these bicolor daffodils with dark centers.  This one is Avanti and I just planted these this fall in several areas of my garden.  They have a sweet fragrance too!

I had a few pots of daffodils and tulips in the greenhouse.   I bring them in the house or put them on the patio to enjoy.  Our tulips are just starting to bloom and I hope they open tomorrow.

Sweet little violas brighten up my
 centerpiece for the patio. 

I overwintered my geraniums in the 
greenhouse and they add a pop of color
 to this corner.   

I purchased a few cold hardy plants to put
 in pots on the patio. This red ranuculus makes 
a great companion with purple violas. 

I couldn't resist this Spanish lavender at Lowe's last weekend and I can't wait to purchase more varieties when we are past our last frost date.

Yellow buttercup ranuculus is so pretty and I've potted this one with purple violas and
 a lime colored hellebore.  

Near the back of my garden is a beautiful saucer tulip magnolia coming into full bloom.  It's so striking when no other trees are in bud or leaf. 

I hope you are enjoying the first signs of spring with sweet blossoms.  I'm sore today from yardwork but was so glad to be in my favorite place pruning and cleaning up leaves to get ready for planting.  I'll wait until next week to start on planting annuals as the weatherman says one more 
frost night 
is coming our way this weekend. 


Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Arctic Blast

Oh how I dislike arctic blasts!  Tonight we are going to dip down to 10 degrees and of course my sweet little daffodils are starting to bloom in the garden! Grrrr!

All my garden friends are out bundled up cutting their daffodils to bring inside.   Daffodils are such favorites of mine so I'm glad to have a few tiny bouquets to enjoy.  Garden centers are advising that anything with blooms won't survive tonight's temperatures so go out and cut those flowers.     

Here's my first little bouquets and hint 
of Spring! 

Stay warm!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Winter Flowers, Plants and Mom

Winter seems like a long season
 to me because I miss flowers and
 gardening so much. 
I am grateful for the break from garden 
chores but would be happy with only one
 month of winter! 

Our little greenhouse has helped me through this winter so far, but I still want flowers 
to enjoy daily so I have added more 
blooming plants in the house,
 especially in my mother's room.
  I think it's so important to help the elderly stimulate their senses and give them something to watch and grow.  Mom is so excited with each new bloom. 

I've been taking  care of my mother full-time  for over a year now in our home.  She is from Florida and is a real plant lover and enjoyed gardening when she was more mobile.   She now has a south facing window with lots of sunshine so she wanted to start a small collection of her favorite plants.  Mom's little "garden window" is full of easy to care for houseplants  and some seasonal plants as well.  I've added amaryllis and paperwhites to her collection for the holidays.  

She has several pothos plants, a snake plant, a ponytail palm, philodendron and a 
peace plant on the lower shelf.  
The top shelf is for blooming plants and she especially loves red amaryllis.  This variety is Red Lion.  

 I seasonally rotate other plants in her

room like amaryllis, orchids, tulips, daffodils,
Christmas cactus and ferns.   

Red Lion Amaryllis

I found at pink cyclamen and a delicate maidenhair fern at the nursery this week and placed them on her bedside table. 

 Studies have shown that women who surround themselves with plants and lots of greenery live longer.  As an added bonus plants help purify the air quality indoors too, making our enviornment healthier.

Summer bouquet from our garden

 We are bringing the outside in for Mom so she can enjoy her "little garden".  We also have bird feeders right outside her window.  She enjoys all the bird's visits especially the cardinals and a pesky squirrel. 

I follow Dee Nash at Red Dirt Ramblings and she has some great information about growing amaryllis and paperwhites on her blog this week.    She also lives in Oklahoma and is my go-to person for
 gardening questions. 
She is a great source of inspiration!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Winter Greenhouse

It's been months since I've posted but thought I would do an update post on my little greenhouse and how it's doing this first winter.    

I'm so excited to see everything growing and blooming in December.   I put as many pots as I could fit inside and we hooked up a small portable heater and so far it has maintained the temperature around 40 degrees even on the coldest nights.

I mostly have herbs, geraniums and coleus stored inside and  everything is doing really well.   After a few months of tending in my little space, I now know how I will re-organize the shelves next year to leave more
 room for my larger pots.  

I plan on starting seedlings in late January, 
especially milweed for the Monarchs. 
This past fall we had the most incredible 
migration of Monarchs I've ever seen.
If you plant milkweed they will come!

Merry Christmas!