Monday, June 8, 2015

First Lilies

The first lilies in my garden bloomed this weekend. The  Stargazer bloomed a little early but that's okay with me.    I'm sure all the rain and cool weather
 has plants confused as to what season it is, but I'm always 
excited to see the first lilies.  

I really think Stargazer lilies are my favorite flower...that is if I HAD to pick just one.   
I'm so glad I can have several favorites because my love of flowers goes back to my earliest memories as a child.

I was blessed to live in Hawaii and completed kindergarten through third grade there.   We were always surrounded by flowers.   I remember making leis out of plumeria  flowers that grew in our front yard.   They smelled wonderful and were easy to thread because of the way the flower petals join leaving a small round hole.

Orchids were easy to thread too and we usually purchased these leis since we didn't have orchids 
growing in our yard. 

I grew up in such floral abundant places like Florida, California, Hawaii and the Philippines.  I have to work a little harder to enjoy flowers here in Oklahoma but I so enjoy being surrounded by blooms in the garden 
and it's always worth the effort.

I had a great -aunt who was the President of the Pensacola Garden Society back in the 1960's.  She was born with a green thumb and had a wonderful greenhouse.  I was always a little afraid of stumbling upon a snake in there but I so enjoyed my childhood visits to her greenhouse!  
She also instilled in me a love of 
flowers and gardening. 

Flowers make me smile and remind me of the 
beautiful places I've been and those I've spent time 
with in the garden.  

We are looking forward to another visit to Butchart Gardens for our anniversary next month.  
I'm counting the days!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rain and Monarchs

More rain is in our forecast for this holiday
 weekend  and the lake is full.   
Only a month ago it was 12 feet below normal levels!

My garden is definitely green but
 a few plants have gotten too 
much water and aren't growing as well.

Yesterday I took this picture of my oakleaf hydrangea in the rain.  Even though the blooms are large they 
do hold up well when wet.

This weekend I'm hoping to get some more planting and mulching done before the heat finally does arrive. 
  I also need to clean and decorate 
my front porch too.

This was our porch a few years ago decorated for the 4th of July.   
I like to  decorate it with our flag 
and buntings for Memorial Day too.   

Today the sun came out and the privet in our garden was full of bees and American Painted Ladies but I also counted six Monarchs flying about and enjoying the multitude of white fragrant blooms. 

Such a joy to see them throughout the garden and then going back and forth to the 
privet blooms. 

I'm so thankful that my butterfly garden is doing it's job and I'm hoping that the milkweeds I've planted will help them on their migration.   

Crossing my fingers that we don't get rained out the entire weekend so I can
 finish planting a few more annuals. 

Have a wonderful weekend and  
safe travels if you are on the road! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May Flowers

All the rain has just been wonderful for the landscape.  We have had twice the normal amount of rainfall for this time of year and the Lake Hefner is nearing normal levels again.

We just got home from a trip and this morning I took a garden walk to see what was blooming in the garden.

I love these oakleaf hydrangeas, so easy to grow and they bloom every year no matter how cold and snowy 
our winter has been.
I wish I had planted more years ago, but so happy to have a mature shrub to enjoy now.

The privet is full of bees and American Painted Lady butterflies.  I love how they smell and how pretty they are in full bloom.   I can always count on them to be full of 
painted ladies this time of year. 

Window boxes on the shady side of the house are blooming nicely but still have lots of growing to do.

Always fun to go on a trip but I love returning home
 to my garden.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Showers

It's been raining buckets and I can't do any more gardening until we have some dry days, but we are so thankful 
for the rain! 

Asao Clematis

I've been visiting garden centers, farmer's markets and small local nurseries to purchase new flowering plants.
  We have a 1/3 of an acre lot so it takes me awhile to get all the beds cleaned out, planted and mulched.  

Gerbera Daisies

The sunshine should return tomorrow and hopefully by Thursday the soil won't be so wet. 

Before the rain started I went out and cut a 
bouquet of irises 
from behind our fence.  

These were already laying on the ground from a
heavy dew and some wind so I brought 
them inside to enjoy. 

I always love cutting that first spring bouquet!  

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Wire Flower Baskets and a Winner!

I love window boxes and filling them full of 
my favorite annuals.   There is something so charming about window boxes, don't you agree?

I found several french wire baskets years ago and I decided to hang two of them the brick wall outside
 my kitchen window.
The wall is a dark brick fence that belongs to the 
house next door.   I've never liked the dark brick color so I 
 decided to soften the look of the wall a couple years ago.  I've tried a number of flowering vines with little success until three years ago I found that boston ivy would be the perfect solution.  It has no flowers but the wall of green foliage looks so pretty.    The ivy doesn't damage the brick or mortar and it turns beautiful shades of
 yellow and orange in the fall.

The added bonus is the vine produces little blue berries for the birds.  The vine is vigorous and has almost covered the wall entirely in three growing seasons. 
My neighbor didn't want me to trim the vine and it has grown over to her side of the wall and has had a cooling effect on her pool deck.  Her pool is surrounded by concrete and more dark brick walls.  It just gets so hot in the middle of July so the boston ivy has been a "green" way to 
cool things off. 

The wire flower baskets give a much needed pop of 
color to the wall. 
These type of "window boxes" are so wonderful because there is no wood bottoms to rot and they are easily changed with the seasons and are virtually maintenance free.  
I purchase new coconut hull liners each spring and fill them with a fresh premium potting soil before planting.

I have found that sun loving annuals like geraniums, lantana and verbena do very well and keep blooming throughout the season.

Last year I planted red geraniums but this year I decided I wanted to look at pink and yellow flowers all summer long. 

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