Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Azaleas

Living in the south as a child I always looked forward to spring and the azaleas in bloom.  My granny had a large azalea border in her Florida garden that was always so beautiful.  She instilled in me a
 love of gardening and
 taught me so much!  Her azaleas were called the
 'Pride of Mobile' and the color was similar to this azalea
I photographed in Muskogee.  Funny how 
this plant brings happy memories of her!

Here in central Oklahoma growing azaleas can be a challenge but I have managed to successfully grow a few on the east side of my house by adding lots of peat moss to the soil.  My  Coral Bell azaleas are doing great and I love the profusion of
 pink blooms.  This plant is smaller than the
 'Pride of Mobile' but reminds of it just the same. 

This weekend we took a drive to Muskogee and visit Honor Heights Park.    This park is known for it's annual 
Azalea Festival and is a great place to see the
 azaleas that do well in Oklahoma. 

The park was full of visitors taking pictures and having
 fun with their families and taking prom pictures 
on the bridge. 

 The park has expanded to include a new Butterfly Pavilion that will open in May.  The last of the tulips were
 in bloom and the colors so pretty. 

Dogwoods were still blooming too!  I've tried in the past to grow a dogwood in my garden a few times without success but after seeing these beautiful trees in bloom I'm ready to give it another try.   

The weather here has been warmer than usual and 
I know some areas of the country are getting snow again. 
We are getting lots of rain and everything in the 
garden is growing nicely.

Hope you are enjoying your Spring bloomers! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bodacious Window Boxes

I have long been attracted to window boxes and plan on adding a large one under my front window this year.   I've been shopping online to find just the right one.

The window boxes at Butchart Gardens are the most  bodacious flower boxes I've ever seen.  When we visited the garden in  July the flowers were at peak bloom. 

The combinations of flowers and size of the boxes are just breathtaking!    

I have some french wire flower baskets that hang under the back windows of my home and on the brick wall outside my kitchen window.   They provide a sweet little spot of color and I enjoy changing the combinations each year.

The window boxes at Butchart are my inspiration and maybe someday I can replicate just one of them!

I can't wait until after April 1st (our last frost date) to plant my wire baskets again.  I try to find bright color combos and plants that work well together for light and watering.
They just make me happy!

Don't you just love window boxes?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Butchart Rose Gardens

We had an amazing warm up yesterday and almost broke the all time record for high temperature.  It was a nice 83 degrees without much wind so we  took advantage 
of the day and headed outside to get a jump 
start on our spring garden chores!

Butchart Rose Gardens

I bought a few more pansies, dianthis
 and some romaine lettuce to plant up in pots.
We still have a month to go before we are clear of 
last frosts, so it will be easy to move the pots or
 cover them up if needed.

I'm continuing to share more "garden rooms" of Butchart Gardens from our trip last summer.  I just need the inspiration and revisiting 
Butchart through photographs gives me joy!

Here are a few of my favorite roses and pictures from 
the rose gardens at Butchart.

I hope you are getting excited about Spring too!