Sunday, January 25, 2015

Country French Styled Hutch

I spent a few hours this afternoon arranging some of my favorite accessories in my little hutch. 
I packed up all the Christmas dishes and decorations yesterday and gave my hutch a good polish.   I had already gathered my country french goodies together after shopping the house.  I didn't have to buy anything new but wanted a totally new look in my hutch.  I had gathered more pieces than I needed so I played mix and match until
I finally settled on an arrangement. 

I collect things that have a special meaning, or were given to me by a friend or family member.  Sometimes they 
were purchased on a special trip,  at a fun shop,
 antique or thrift store.  I love this teapot with the wire handle, it  was an antique mall find for less than $10. 

The milk glass hen belonged to my grandmother and the tiny blue and white teapot was a gift from my Mom.  I believe you should decorate with what you love and don't follow every trend or you will be forever trying to redecorate in a new style that may not be your own.    I think everyone has a personal style and our homes should have things in it that make us feel comfortable and happy.  


  Yellow is my happy color and I try to sprinkle it in every room.  Daffodils and lemons make it easy to add a pop of color to any space.   I found these tiny silk tete- a- tete daffodils last spring and I love putting them in rustic terra cotta pots or teacups.

I purchased the preserved boxwood wreath before Christmas and took the red bow off so I could use it year round.   I love collecting topiaries and my hutch is full of different shapes and sizes.  

The pottery piece in the center of the top shelf was a gift from a friend, I had admired it while shopping and passed it by and she surprised me with it later.  

I found the pretty little baskets half price at Hobby Lobby and loved the woven red gingham ribbons.     
The honeypot is vintage and one of my very favorites.   

The cute little pigs are actually place card holders.  I purchased them in Napa last spring.  They look so cute on a country french table with the coordinating napkin rings.

The blue and white bunny was a gift from my sweet hubbie and the white teapot was a Christmas present to myself!  
I had been looking for this style for several years and 
finally found one in our new 
Home Goods store.  

The blue and white rooster was another half price
 Hobby Lobby find.

My hutch is done for now and I'll probably tweak it again and again until I decide I need a change.  I'm just glad to get Christmas put away and now I'm enjoying a few of my favorite things.

So from this....

and this...

to this...

Happy Decorating!

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  1. How pretty and colorful! I'm so glad to hear that you stay with your heart and not the trends. I see similar pieces of country French at Hobby Lobby. They have those tables set up in different styles. I love browsing there, especially the garden themed items that will be popping up soon!

    Great display! I personally love hens! :)

    Jane x

  2. I love what you did with your hutch. You are right decorating your home should be about your own style and what you like. I see so many blogs that are getting on the bandwagon for either Shabby Chic or French Farmhouse, There is nothing wrong with either style but it should be about finding your own style and not following a trend. Again I love your decorating style.

  3. Cute! There is nothing better than a fresh look to lift your spirits and make you feel organized! Love the hens and eggs and all the elements in your vignette

  4. I LOVE IT!!! I love th4 items that you chose to display! Charming!! I too played with things in my kitchen hutch and I am still playing with th0se same darn things!! LOL!!


  5. Your hutch arrangement is fabulous! You had me with yellow and all the other rich colors. I have a similar white nested hen like yours - mine came from my grandma. Love how you've used things that are meaningful to you. Jane

  6. You have such a knack for placing each of those lovely items just so. When I'm decorating my home, that's something that I've always struggled with. Your hutch really looks wonderful... :)

  7. I can tell that you had fun arranging your special things in your hutch. That to me is what is fun about styling a home. Objects that have a story or memory give a home soul. Your hutch reflects just that. Lovely!

  8. Very Spring-ey! You've inspired me to try to do something similar in my own house. I don't have a nice open hutch like you do, but perhaps I can find a place to put out some nice cheery collectibles like you have. Nice job arranging everything so prettily! -Beth

  9. Hi, Sonia. Thanks for sending me your was a lovely visit! :) Such pretty things that you have in your hutch. I agree with you; it's great to surround yourself with things you love and that bring back good memories. Your Christmas version was lovely too! ~Zuni

  10. Hi Sonia, thanks for the tips on Hot Springs! I have always thought that would be a lovely drive. You and your hubby like to do so many of the same things we do that if you are ever coming to San Diego, CA we would love to have lunch or such. What do you think?! :) Have a wonderful weekend! I have a new blog post all written up to post next week and I addressed your issue of wishing to go somewhere warm when living in a cold climate and some ways we used to deal with that the best we could. I understand since we grew up in the Midwest! Blessings. Kathryn :)


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