Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
 from our house to yours! 

Enjoy the holidays!

I'm taking a blog break and headed to warm and sunny Florida to spend Christmas with my Mom and our family. 

Have a blessed season and 
Happy New Year!

Mud Pie Revisited

This is a re-run from last year of my favorite Christmas dishes.  Thought I would share again since this month has been so busy.  I'm hoping I do get time to play with my Mud Pie soon! 

Mud Pie makes me think of  my childhood, that sinfully delicious chocolate desert, adorable baby clothes and my favorite dishes of all time!

I'm been gathering and playing with my Mud Pie holiday dishes
 and planning a tablescape which I 
finally finished.

The hospital gift shop where I worked as a nurse until my recent retirement, stocked a line of Mud Pie baby clothes.  Thank goodness my kids were grown or I wouldn't have brought home a paycheck!  

When the gift shop eventually started stocking Mud Pie serving pieces
 and the Christmas collection and I knew I was a goner!


The vibrant colors and fun graphics along with the three dimensional designs just melted my heart.   I was hooked!!  I started with a few pieces and ornaments and then the gift shop announced they were closing and everything was 50% to 80% off 
for employees!!  

You would have thought someone gave me a winning Powerball ticket!  

Santa Ornament

 I was able to purchase two of the black and white desert/cheese plates and the adorable loaf  pans...


and Merry.

The large mugs also found their way into my shopping bag as well.


Oh and lest I forget this adorable picture frame 

and these cute Halloween bowls.

  Oops... and this sea turtle cheese server that I purchased for me and my best friend who adores sea turtles. 

Who could really fault me for falling in love with such an adorable collection?   Especially since I purchased most of the collection for at least 50% off !

Snowman Ornament

I have bought some darling Mud Pie baby gifts for friends as 
Mud Pie has the cutest baby clothes I've ever seen!  

No I'm not a spokesperson for Mud Pie nor have I received any money or products from them...(although I'd be happy to take some off their hands) I just adore their products.

Each year they introduce new holiday pieces that are fun and festive!   Even though last year's pieces aren't available...the new pieces coordinate nicely from year to year and can be easily mixed and matched. 

 I love that because I mix patterns and plates all the time to get new looks!   I layered the black and white desert plates on my green majolica
and red chargers from Portugal.

This year since the hospital gift shop is no longer open I had to find another Mud Pie source.   Thankfully our local stationery shop,  Paper 'N More in Oklahoma City carries a large selection!  Here's  a photo of the gift department and their Mud Pie display!

I used great restraint and purchased two mugs that coordinate with my desert plates from last year's collection.

  Rudolf and Santa!

I also chose one of the new 
cookie plates with a black and white fluted edge.  
I wanted two more of the black
 and white checked desert plates but 
they were unavailable.  Maybe I can find them on ebay.

Many of you have inquired where to find the collection and online is probably your best bet.  Mud Pie has a great website!  A good number of  hospital and fine gift shops carry the collection so you may have to make a few phone calls to find them in 
your area.   

So finally I set my table for two at our breakfast table and added my favorite teapot "Mrs. Potts".

I used the placemats and napkins I purchased back in February while in Carmel and added a simple silver napkin ring.  

Mud Pie brings out the kid in me and I love playing with such pretty colorful dishes and adding them into the mix with things I 've had for years.   I can't wait to share this table with my best friend!

Topiary in a Mug

Merry Christmas and I hope you find time to be a kid again during the holiday season and do something you love!   Remember to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with your family and friends!

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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day in Oklahoma City.  
Perfect temperatures with no wind and clear blue skies made for a special day to spend with my best friend and her daughter.  We decided to visit the Myriad Botanical Gardens new fall attraction Pumpkinville on opening day. 

The gardens are located in the heart of downtown and 
 underwent an extensive remodeling last year with the 
addition of wonderful new children's garden. 

The great horned owl

This year the gardens include Pumpkinville, a fun and family friendly attraction within the children's garden. 

Lots of activities like pumpkin painting and washing clothes
 on an old scrub board kept our little one busy.  

The scarecrow greets everyone at Pumpkinville and is so stylish!

Corn Tee-Pees

Thousands of pumpkins line the gardens and make up the most beautiful displays.  I love the color combination of fall mums mixed with different varieties of pumpkins.

There were so many clever craft ideas they used to make some of the displays.  I especially loved the dryer venting made into pumpkins, spray painted and hung from the trees.

The octopus made from a "warty" gourd was fun and
 the children loved it!

This jazz combo was a lot of fun too!

The children's garden is small enough to spend a couple hours in without getting the little ones too worn out! (or the adults for that matter)

The gardens are absolutely beautiful and so worth a 
trip if you are in the area.   


Happy Fall!