Saturday, January 24, 2015

Shopping the House

It's always fun decorating for Christmas and I especially love decorating my little hutch, but packing up my Christmas dishes and accessories always leaves
 me in a decorating funk.       

I love change and keeping my hutch decorated for the seasons so I've been shopping my house to come up with a new theme instead of the red and white redo I did last year for Valentine's Day.

I needed some inspiration and since I love the country french style and decided I would shop my house to see what I could find.

All my favorite little accessories for spring had been packed away so I dug through my storage drawers and boxes and then "shopped" through the house.   

I placed (piled) everything on the dining room table 
if I thought it might go well in the hutch.       

Now I have a fun little collection to choose from.
So goodbye bottle brush trees and
 Christmas mice till next year! 

Hello, bunnies, pigs and chickens!

I'll post pictures of the hutch when it's all done! 


  1. You have some good choices sitting out there!

  2. Great stuff. Shopping the house sometimes is much more exciting.

  3. It's a neat feeling to put all of your favorite things out together, isn't it? It's like one big collection of wonderful. I have no doubt at all that your hutch will be beautiful. You've got the touch!

  4. Neat selections! Anxious to see how your hutch comes out.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  5. It's fun shopping the house after not seeing all the spring things for almost a year! Can't wait to see how you will be decorating your hutch, Sonia.
    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  6. Have fun! I'm moving things around here this weekend as well. ;-)

  7. That is one cute hutch! I love all the pops of yellow. Shopping the house is so fun...I love working things into new arrangements!

    Jane xxx

  8. LOVE that sweet hutch!! I need to do this more often with the one I have in the Kitchen. I usually change the whole thing for Christmas and then just the desk part for other Holidays.
    Maybe when I go part time at the end of the year I will have more time to do this.
    Looking forward to seeing how it looks when you update it.....
    Thanks for dropping by and for leaving such a nice comment. I do have to have some degree of organization with all the decorations that I have !! LOL!! Or I would lose my mind!!

  9. Hi Sonia I love the blue and yellow I think its a classic combo, can't wait to see the finished product. Have a Great week!


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