Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chihuly and the Denver Botanical Gardens

We love visiting Colorado when it's scorching hot here in Oklahoma.  Breckenridge is one of our favorite places to spend our vacations for many reasons. 
I adore all the flowers throughout town.   The hanging baskets are the prettiest!

While we were there we took a day trip and revisited 
the  Denver Botanical Gardens
 to see the Chihuly Exhibits. 
 Breathtaking displays might be an understatement!

Obviously they don't have to worry about hail like we do in Oklahoma because the exhibits are outside and located
throughout the gardens.  

It would be hard to pick a favorite exhibit but I think the glass displays in the water had to be the 
most impressive and my favorite.

I'll be quiet and just let you enjoy a 
"walk" through the gardens.

If you are in the Denver area you really should put the Botanical Gardens on your places to visit!