Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Spring Fever

This time of year I'm so ready to get out in the garden.  It's way too early and cold in my zone to plant anything so I'm counting the days until our last frost.   

Daffodils are starting to bloom and I cut a small bouquet to enjoy. 
 My new favorite hellebores are in flower as well.  
What a gorgeous flower when almost everything is still asleep.   

I want to keep increasing my hellebore collection since they are such a hardy evergreen in my zone 7 garden.  The flowers last for weeks.

Tulips will be next to bloom and provide so much color to my garden!

We enlarged our back east facing flower bed in the fall but haven't planted it yet.  I'm still preparing the soil and taking out grass.  I'm thinking more azaleas, hostas and a few low growing evergreen shrubs will compliment this area and will be low maintenance.

We are trying to decrease the amount of lawn to mow and hope to add more native and drought tolerants perennials
 and shrubs this year. 

I'm sure my gardening friends are making lots of plans for their gardens as well.  Do you have anything you are going to add to your landscape this year?

I'm dedicating this garden to my precious Mom who passed away before Thanksgiving...she loved flowers and was my "garden supervisor" the past few years she lived with us.