Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heat Wave & Inspiring Lavender Farm

We are having record breaking temperatures here in the heartland.   The past few days have been the hottest since 1980!!  I moved here in 1983 and don't ever remember a heat wave like this.  I've been trying to be positive and find something pleasant to do in this sweltering heat.

         (Lavender Wallpaper-internet)

  We decided to visit a lavender farm about 30 miles outside of  Oklahoma City that I have been intending to visit for several years.  What a  pretty and charming place we found out in the countryside and backroads! 

   There lavender embraces the summer heat and thrives in dry conditions while reminding me that some of God's creations NEED what I find almost unbearable.

Back porch and deck area

Country Cottage Lavender Farm is located near Shawnee and the owner grows several varities of lavender behind her charming gift shop. 

A red barn next door houses her husband's woodworking shop and they sell his handmade furniture and country primitive pieces  in the adorable cottage he built himself.  

The front porch greets you with
 handmade "pretties" for purchase and made me want to run home right then and
redecorate my porch.

 The porch is just picture perfect and is edged with a flower border of sun loving plants and flowers.  When you open the door to the shop the aroma of lavender welcomes you inside.  The sales lady offered us complimentary lavender lemonade that was so refreshing and explained all the different classes they offer in the adjacent craft building.  

    June is prime lavender blooming and cutting season and we were there a little past prime, but there were still lavender blooms ready to harvest.  You can cut your own lavender bouquet for a modest price.

Somehow walking through the lavender field made me feel better about the heat just knowing that this wonderful herb is happiest this time of year.   

My lavender tea table last summer was
a favorite of mine so after  

returning home I decided I would love to grow more lavender! Early yesterday morning Mr. Bloomers began helping me create a raised bed out of some leftover railroad ties.  I will  fill the bed with a mixture of sand,  gravel and garden soil and have it all ready for planting
 lavender this fall.  Next year instead of dreading the dog days of summer I hope to be looking forward to abundant blooms!

 Hope you find inspiration from even the things you  dislike or dread...if life gives you lemons...

Country Living Magazine

make lavender lemonade!!!

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