Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Blessing of a Garden

I've been counting my blessings this past week.  So many of our friends were affected by the tornado and our hearts are heavy for them and the families that have lost loved ones,
 especially children.  

The sadness and stress of such loss is hard to imagine.  Over twenty families from our church have lost their homes. 
After a shift of volunteering to help feed those affected by the storm, I came home and took a walk through my garden.  It is my place to retreat from the world to relax and meditate.  We are so grateful that our family is safe and we had no damage to our home or property, but for 1200 families that is not the case.  

This is what is left of the house we lived in when we first moved to Oklahoma 30 years ago!  We rented it for about a year and then purchased a home.  Hard to believe we once lived there!

This area was completely devastated.  

I sat in my garden and prayed and thought about all I had seen and heard that morning.   Spending time in my garden is therapy for me and  I took a few photographs to share.  

Samaritan's Purse is partnering with our church and has organized teams to go into the devastated neighborhoods  to assist homeowners with the cleanup.  I am so amazed at the people who have come from all over the country to help.  What a great organization! 

Our entire church went out after services on Sunday to help with the cleanup.  Nobody wore Sunday best clothes..but work clothes instead so we could all go out and help our community.

We picked up pieces of people's homes and belongings  outside an apartment complex.    Tiny fragments mixed in with nails, boards and sheet metal littered the landscape as far as we could see.

Then there are houses that are completely demolished...just piles that were once homes.
Please continue to pray for those who have 
suffered losses and count your many blessings!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tornados and Prayers!

We live in the northern section of Oklahoma City and were spared any damage to our home and loved ones,   however we go to church and have lived in the Moore area for many years and are heartbroken at the damage and loss of lives in our community from the horrific tornado yesterday.  

Please remember our fellow Oklahomans in your prayers.  Donations can be given to the Red Cross.
Cleanup will take months and the emotional toll will take even longer so we covet your prayers!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Starring Mr. T

Mr. T is our resident turtle...I've posted about him each year since I've been blogging, especially in spring when I spot him after the 
long winter months.  

He is a box turtle that has been here ever since we moved in our almost 20 years!  He is actually friendly and will approach us...I'm sure he equates us with food as we always find something to feed him.  Bananas and lettuce seem to be favorites.

My son is a professional film editor and works on local commercials and television shows in Oklahoma and he surprised me with this unique video of Mr. T!

Not exactly in the style of 
Miss Bloomers but very entertaining and made me laugh!

Thanks Patrick!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fredericksburg Herb Farm

On our recent trip to the Texas Hill Country we stopped at one of my favorite places, the Fredericksburg Herb Farm.

What a charming place this is and the new additions are beautiful.  We have been visiting there for several years and have watched the progress the new owners have made since purchasing the property.

There is a new beautiful spa,  cute little Sunday Cottages and a newly renovated  restaurant, making it a fabulous destination for couples or girlfriends!

When we first "discovered" the herb farm the property had a large herb and flower garden behind the historic main house.   The family grew herbs for their upscale restaurant and sold plants.  In the early Spring they hosted an herb festival and offered
 herb seminars.   


The new owners kept a small herb garden and the adorable gift shop that sells plants, gift items and candles.  

The handmade candles are wonderful and each visit I purchase them for myself and friends.  The essential oils are strong and my favorites scents are the lemongrass with lavender.

The Sunday Cottages are adorable with rocking chair porches and porch swings.  They have a two night minimum to stay there and our schedule this visit didn't allow us to stay both nights.   (Insert sad face)

Fredericksburg is a great place to shop, relax and just enjoy the hill country and it's a quick drive to Austin or San Antonio if you need the big city!

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She posted about Fredericksburg's really is a great place to visit!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wildseed Farm

When we were newlyweds we lived in Austin and I fell in love with the Texas Hill Country.  Bluebonnets and wildflowers edge the roadways and cover the landscape and we always enjoy driving through the countryside.  

Over the years we have enjoyed returning to Austin and discovering new towns and places out in 
 the hill country.

One of our favorite places to visit is
 Wildseed  Farm.  We discovered this wonderful seed farm and nursery several years ago and this year  our trip happened to coincide with the  
blooming season.

Wildseed Farm grows fields of flowers and 
sells their seeds in the beautiful gift shop.  

Here are some favorite photographs from this scenic place!



Great selection of plants and garden items!

Beautiful flower combination

Water feature and lilies

Feather grass

Laura Bush petunias

Lettuce trials

Wildseed Farm is located outside 
Fredericksburg, Texas and well worth the drive!

I'll share about Fredericksburg Herb Farm
 next week...stay tuned!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring and Mr.T

Well I thought Spring had arrived only to find that we are now threatened with another possible freeze!
Most of the plants I have already planted should survive but I'm concerned about my beloved hydrangeas as they are setting their flowers heads now.  Only time will are a few plants that have bloomed in the garden this week. 

This purple Clematis is a favorite and I have it mixed with a climbing rose over my garden arbor.  

My garden is about a month behind on growth and not much has bloomed...seems my plants don't know whether to do retreat or grow.  We had 80 plus degrees two days ago so I went out and cleaned flower beds and planted a few things. Oklahoma isn't the easiest state to be a gardner in but I'm determined anyway!

Mr. T showed himself after a long winter and quite a hail storm last week!  I'm always delighted to see him after months of wondering if he'll return.   He loves bananas!


Nelly Moser Clematis





English buttercups

I love this color combination...
 and my trowel given to me by a friend.

Hurry back Spring!

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