Sunday, May 21, 2017

Williamsburg Garden

Our trip to Williamsburg and Washington D.C. was exciting!
I loved seeing Colonial Williamsburg and of course the gardens and flower combinations were my 

I fell in love with this pink garden behind a picket fence.  The gladiolas were striking and I am adding this variety to my own garden next year.  

A limited color palate makes such a statement with 
shades of pink and white flowers. 

The garden was relatively small but generously planted.

The variety is 'Gladiolus palustris' and I can't wait 
to give them a try.  

Wisteria was growing along one side of the 
garden and smelled wonderful!

Beautiful potted foxgloves lined the sidewalks 
in Merchant Square.  I would love to revisit Williamsburg when we have more time but I think a fall trip would be lovely for the amount of time spent outdoors.   

Seems I'm attracted to pink and white!