Monday, July 22, 2019


I love so many flowers and I'm often asked by friends if I have a favorite.   If I had to pick only one then it would have to be the Stargazer lily.   The first pot of lilies was a gift from my husband who found them at the grocery store.  

After they stopped blooming I read the plant tag and was surprised to see that they could be planted in the yard.  They looked like they would be tropicals but I found a spot in the back border and planted them.  I was amazed when they came back and bloomed the following year.   I was hooked!

Thirty plus years later I am still planting them and enjoying the stunning display they provide every year around the fourth of July.    I cluster them around the patio so we can enjoy them up close.  The patio smells wonderful for several weeks and the view from our breakfast table is our favorite.

This year I underplanted with pink Sunpatiens and purple pentas and I love the combination! 
If you have never planted Stargazers you really should give them a try.  They are easy and just need some 
sunlight to bloom.