Saturday, January 30, 2021

Hurry Spring!

Once Christmas has passed I'm ready for Spring!  It's  still two months until Spring but I do plant a few things in patio pots that help me get through the long gloomy days of winter.

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I'm in garden zone 7a and we can enjoy pansies, ornamental kale and some camelias in the middle of winter.   My hellebores are just starting to bud and are my favorite winter blooms.

Ornamental kale changes to pure white or dark red and purple when the temperatures get cold.   The last couple years they have become my go to plant for containers on my patio.   They have done well in flower boxes too.  When it gets down in the 20's I do cover them up to keep them looking their best.  

My daffodils are peaking through the soil and I can hardly wait for their happy sunshiny blooms.

We had a devastating ice storm in October and had major damage to our trees so I'm anxious to see how our trees will look this Spring.  We have had our tree crew out to trim 8 mature oaks and may have to do more pruning.

I guess there is always an upside to losing limbs as my garden will have more sunlight and I'll be able to grow more sun loving plants. 

What's on your list for Spring planting? 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Quiet Christmas

We enjoyed a quieter Christmas this year like so many families.  We enjoyed a delicious meal with our sons and I loved setting the the table with a tartan tablecloth and my favorite Christmas dishes.

 I usually place the Christmas tree in the corner of our dining room across from the front window since our dining room is in the front of our home, right off the entry hall.  Our tree is full of meaningful ornaments filled with decorations my sons made when they were little, gifts and special ornaments from places we've visited over the years.  

I use my mother-in-law's sterling silver and a few other family pieces for our table and it makes me feel they are with us.  

Things we have collected over time make a home so warm.  This year I think we all focused on our families and blessings through a difficult year.   I spent a lot of time in the garden this past summer and now this winter I'm focused on projects indoors. 

Hoping everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season!  Wishing everyone a Blessed New Year!



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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fall Plantings

 My favorite season is here and I'm trying to get all my new plants in the ground and in larger containers before the first freeze arrives.  

I visited my favorite nursery in Tulsa and found a beautiful camelia that is supposed to be hardy to zone 7.  It's a Southern Living plant and the variety is 'October Rose' .  I have always loved camelias since growing up in the south.  Their flowers are a welcome sight in fall and winter when few things are blooming.   

Flowering kale and cabbages are so pretty all winter long.  I pair them with purple pansies in pots and around my patio.  

This year I planted brussel sprouts for the first time and they are starting to size up.  I hope I can harvest enough to cook up a few servings.   

It's chilly here today but will warm back up for a few days so I should be able to get everything planted into the ground and mulched.  

I'm going to miss all the annual flowers I planted right off the patio.  They have done so well and I love the combination of colors and textures.   


I love putting together containers that will carry through all winter long.  I added a rosemary plant (I use lots of rosemary in cooking) carex, flowering cabbage and pansies.  

Hope you are enjoying cooler temperatures and the beautiful colors of fall! 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Pollinator Buffet

It's been several months since I does that happen?  Life has been a challenge for so many of us this year and I have taken solace in my garden.  Now that the temperatures have soared into the mid 90's I'm not spending as much time outside, but I'm making sure everything is watered so that when cooler temperatures arrive everything will get it's second wind!    I'm so ready for fall but still enjoying the blooms throughout the garden.  I went to a plant sale in Tulsa for some pollinator and hummingbird plants to specifically set up a little buffet on my patio table for viewing.  

 I love looking out my breakfast room window each morning while enjoying my first
 cup of coffee.   

 I purchased pollinator favorites of purple coneflower, red sage, firecracker cuphea, creme drop phlox, lavender and blue face angelonia.  

It wasn't long before a female Monarch arrived and she did lay eggs on the milkweed out in the garden but I've not seen any caterpillars yet.     

Huge bumble bees visit daily as well as the hummingbirds.  

This red and purple cuphea with it's batface is one of my favorites too.  

 Most of what I purchased are perennials and will be planted out in the garden this fall but until then I have loved my morning view!

Purple Coneflower

Thursday, May 14, 2020

May Flowers

This past month has been a challenging one in the garden with freezes, hailstorms and wind! 

I finally purchased all my annuals for my garden but haven't gotten them all in the ground yet!

I have a goal of getting everything planted this weekend even though we have possible thunderstorms on the way again.

We did take a trip to Tulsa and visited a wonderful nursery that had online ordering and curbside pickup last month.   I was so excited to get some azalea shurbs, coral bells and hostas for my new flower border.

Since then I was able to safely get to the nursery with social distancing and a mask here in Oklahoma City to purchase the rest of my annuals and perennials
 for this season.

The weather is warming and things are really starting to grow and bloom.  My roses are still blooming and the knockouts outside my breakfast window are covered in blooms.

I planted some alliums last fall to see how they would do in my garden.  The bulbs are large and a bit pricey but I love the look and will be adding more to my garden.

My new flower border is filling in nicely in just one month.  


I took this photo today and it's still a work in progress but I'm pretty pleased with how it's growing.  I will add some daffodils and tulip bulbs in the fall.

Hope you are staying safe and enjoying
 some garden time!