Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Putting the Garden to Bed

We've already had our first hard freeze almost two weeks ago and today it's back up in the 70's!  I was so wishing the freeze would hold off for a few more weeks so I could keep enjoying my annual flowers near the patio. 

I finished planting my kale, pansies and tulips just in time.  Now I need to keep them watered and mulched until the spring.

I loaded the greenhouse with my geraniums,  a large hibiscus plant and as many other plants as it could resonably hold.   We've already had the heater running on a couple nights when the temperature got down in the teens!    

I cut back last years amaryllis leaves and put them in storage for their 8 week rest.   I did order new varieties to enjoy this winter and got those potted up.  The Amalfi only took three weeks from planting to bloom!  

 We spent last weekend cleaning up the yard and mulching leaves in preparation for a new flower bed in the spring.  We are working to decrease the amount of mowing we have to do as we are getting in our golden years and I want more area for plants anyway.

We put a few white lights off the patio for the holidays as we can enjoy them from our family room at night.

Now my attention turns to putting up Christmas trees and decorating the house.  I'm already looking forward to next year's garden season but first I'll enjoy some time off to celebrate the holidays with my family.

Stay warm!