Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Side Table

In keeping with my goal of really decking out the halls this year, I'm trying to decorate one area each day until I "get finished"-
whatever that means!

Today I only got my side table decorated and used my favorite runner.   I did do some shopping today and I've go a rib roast in the oven for my guys.  I still need to set the table, so I'm decorating in small bites this year.     I'm glad to get another little area done although I will probably tweak it a few more times.

Are you a tweaker or do you just place things once?



  1. Your side table is beautifully decorated and that runner is gorgeous... :)

  2. You are so ahead of the game! I haven't even thought about Christmas decorations, and don't usually drag them out until we bring in a tree, 5-6 days before the big day. You table looks very festive, as does the pretty tree twinkling in the background. Best Wishes for a lovely holiday with your family! -Beth

  3. Beautiful! I could be a tweeker, but usually place things where I want them to stay.
    I like your idea of a little at a time.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
    Joy! Debbie


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