Sunday, November 16, 2014

Let it Snow!

The first snow has arrived and the weathermen are predicting one to three inches.
The only thing that is 
blooming now is my cyclamen.  

I'm thankful for a warm home to enjoy the first snowfall from my kitchen window. 

I've cooked a pot of gumbo and my hubbie is making kale soup.  I love snowdays!

Stay warm!


  1. Your flower is so pretty and love the rich red it is. We had snow flurries her yesterday and cold today. Your soup sounds good.

  2. So far, we haven't had any snow yet, but gumbo and kale soup sure sounds delicious. Stay warm... :)

  3. I'm so jealous! I need to check with he has a pot cooking too. He loves to make a big pot of soup or something and have friends over on Sundays. :)

  4. You got more than the barely visible amount we woke up to this morning...but it sure is cold out there. It is hard to believe the beginning of the week we had high 70's and now we are down into the teens.
    We are having soup tonight, too...

  5. What a lovely photo looking out the window at the snow. Both of your soups will be a perfect dish for the weather.
    We have had 18 inches of snow this past week! Winter came in a big hurry. :)
    Sweet blessings to you, Debbie


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