Friday, November 14, 2014


Last week we were enjoying the perfect fall weather in our backyard.   My flowers were all blooming again and the leaves were starting to turn.  The wind was calm and the temperature was perfect and then it happened...

Serendipity in our own backyard...
I love when that happens!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Now that's something that I rarely see, especially in my backyard. I hope you're enjoying your weekend, too... :)

  2. Beautiful! We used to see them all the time Edmond. Never see them here and you remind me how beautiful they are.

  3. Beautiful! We used to see them when the National Balloon Classic was held in a nearby town but it has since moved to New Mexico.

  4. This is SO cool!! I would be terrified to ride in one but they are beautiful to see!

    Please tell me how you were able to get a playlist. I used to have one on my sidebar and it disappeared!

    Jane x

  5. So neat! Love the poinsettia tree in your latest post, too!


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