Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wednesday Gratitude-Counting my Blessings

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join  Wednesday Gratitude with Heidi at Heart and Home as I believe we should be grateful for the all the blessings we have been given.  Heidi has a wonderful blog that I've been following since last year.   

Heidi reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for like my  family,  friends, and faith.  Sometimes easily taken for granted until we get a reality check and someone get's sick or things aren't going well in our lives for whatever reason.

This week I'm grateful for a warm and safe home to share with my loved ones...and a warm fire...

with snuggled little ones.

 Even with all the winter storms we have had, we haven't lost power once. I am thankful that my hubbie had wood delivered and bought a generator on sale a couple years ago just in case we ever needed it.  He is always prepared.

I am thankful for the beautiful view I enjoy outside of my  winter wonderland.

I'm so grateful  that I'm employed as a registered nurse and that my husband  has a new job that provides for us as well as gives us the opporutunity to give to others.    

 And finally I'm grateful that winter prepares us for the fulfillment of spring....  

and my garden will return to give me joy! 

I am reminded to count the blessings the Lord has given me and be grateful not only on Wednesdays but every day! 


  1. Hi Sonia!

    Lovely post! you are so right about realizing our blessings and being grateful for our lives and all the people who love us!

  2. so true, the life is here now and we have to to the best of it, if it´s to be, it´s up to me... congratulations to your examen to be a nurse!
    warmhug lotten
    ohhh your garden looks lovely!!!

  3. Sonia, Your garden is amazing! I can't wait to see it come back to life this Spring. I am so glad I found your lovely blog. Your house is beautiful too. Have you found the Pioneer Woman's blog? She lives in OK too and has a huge following. Thanks for visiting me and I am glad to know ya. Hugs, Marla

  4. Sonia,
    Beautiful posting! I am grateful for the gift of TIME that I have been given. I am a cancer survivor and have been cancer free for 4 years now. I am also an R.N. and I am grateful that all 4 members of my family are gainfully employed in this economy! Thanks for reminding us to take the time to smell the roses!

  5. Hi Sonia!

    I am in the party too! Yeah for gratitude!

    I so agree on a safe and warm home...I have said"thank-you" for one a lot lately with so many people without it. I think we should try and help folks, if we can, since we have so much! Great post honey!

    love, kelee at www.katillacshack.com

  6. What a beautiful post Sonia. Very well said and presented. I really like the idea of stopping to reflect on what we have. I have realized that it is all so temporary anyway, so we might as well appreciate everything we have now and every day. Your garden is lovely BTW! -Delores

  7. Hi Sonia,
    What a lovely post to celebrate your gratitude. Thank you so much for joining the party, and your kind words about my blog.

    You are right, we do have so many blessings, often it's easy to take them for granted.
    Your cozy room with the fire, your beautiful garden, your hubby who stays prepared and takes care of you - all wonderful blessings - and you deserve them! Enjoy your day!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  8. Sonia, that's a great post. :) I love to see your gardens.

  9. Hi Sonia,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing your beautiful gratitude list. I love the photos ~ I can only imagine how much you must enjoy your garden. Last week when the weather was so bitterly cold here, I kept thinking how fortunate we really were as we had power & heat...so many north of us did not.
    It just takes a bit to look around us and see how very fortunate we are!

    Brightest blessings,

  10. That fire looks so cozy! Makes me warm just thinking about it. Great post!

  11. Ok, I browsed a bit longer (was just looking at your last Pink Sat post). Enjoyed this post too. Thanks. Jenn <><


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