Sunday, April 5, 2020

Tulip Time

Spring bulbs always make me happy and I wish each year I had taken the time to plant more.  Last fall I managed to get a about 30 tulip bulbs in the ground and what joy that $10 bag of bulbs has given me during this shelter in place time.

The redbud trees have been beautiful in full bloom and I had a few small volunteers in my garden that I have transplanted.  So nice to get free plants!

I started a new shade flower garden and have started to plant it up but need to do on online order and get curbside pickup so I can complete my shade garden.  I am wanting more azaleas, hostas, coral bells and hydrangeas for perennials.  I brought out my overwintered geraniums from the greenhouse along with some lemon coral sedum to fill in some areas. As you can see I still have lots of room to fill.

The patio garden has 
has had a sucession of blooming plants and I have enjoyed it so much from my breakfast table each morning. 

The weather has been cold and rainy the past few days and I'm looking forward to sunshine and warmer temperatures this week.

Stay safe and enjoy your time at home 
and in the garden! 


  1. Oh how wonderful! I too planted tulips and daffodils. I didn't know that tulips for the most part don't return so I guess that makes them extra special. It is going to be a lovely season in your garden and a wonderful place to spend your time! I will keep watching!

  2. Such a beautiful green backdrop for color! I LOVE putting in new beds, so fun to let loose the creativity. Unlike you I went to the nursery, omg it was like a Disneyland of color! It was poring rain so I felt safe with my gloves on, I had never seen so many gorgeous coral bell foliages, they cost and arm and a leg, but worth it! I never even try tulips, a deer magnet, but so darn cheerful 😁


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