Thursday, May 14, 2020

May Flowers

This past month has been a challenging one in the garden with freezes, hailstorms and wind! 

I finally purchased all my annuals for my garden but haven't gotten them all in the ground yet!

I have a goal of getting everything planted this weekend even though we have possible thunderstorms on the way again.

We did take a trip to Tulsa and visited a wonderful nursery that had online ordering and curbside pickup last month.   I was so excited to get some azalea shurbs, coral bells and hostas for my new flower border.

Since then I was able to safely get to the nursery with social distancing and a mask here in Oklahoma City to purchase the rest of my annuals and perennials
 for this season.

The weather is warming and things are really starting to grow and bloom.  My roses are still blooming and the knockouts outside my breakfast window are covered in blooms.

I planted some alliums last fall to see how they would do in my garden.  The bulbs are large and a bit pricey but I love the look and will be adding more to my garden.

My new flower border is filling in nicely in just one month.  


I took this photo today and it's still a work in progress but I'm pretty pleased with how it's growing.  I will add some daffodils and tulip bulbs in the fall.

Hope you are staying safe and enjoying
 some garden time! 


  1. We just planted our veggie beds. It has been cold here and we were a little late doing it, but the warm weather is suppose to hit us tomorrow.

  2. Thank heavens for gardens, I think they are so joyful and uplifting! Love the butterfly bench perking out behind the roses. When we bought Barney I purchased my first bedding plants in fifteen years, the beach house is to harsh a climate for pretty and before that I always grew my own in the greenhouse, I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found coleus and salvia, I'm so excited to have summer color again!

    I tried allium for the first time this year too, Beautiful flowers but my giant ones grew 2' and my medium 6", like you said too pricey to jump in with mass quantity, just wish taller...

    Pretty new bed, I am working on two too, fortunately our nurseries have always been open, but the days of jumping in the car and running quick errands are a thing of the past, masks, gloves, wipes and sprays are tedious at best so now I create long wish lists and shop to infrequently for my garden tastes! Our nurseries are overrun with people since spring kicked in, the parking lots are full and flowing out in the roads, one giant nursery made one entrance only with wipes and sanitizers as you funnel in with one way aisles, it's a new world, but thank heavens it still is filled with color, happy and safe gardening for you!

  3. Que rosas mais lindas!
    Amei o seu jardim.
    Boa entrada de mês de julho.

    What beautiful roses!
    I loved your garden.
    Good entry in July.

  4. Olá sonia,
    Tudo bem por aqui? com certeza o covid, por aí
    não deve estar nada fácil;
    Aqui pelo Brasil está muito difícil mas precisamos continuar andando;
    Obrigada pela visita; todo o dia primeiro de cada mês tem post novo;

    Hi sonia,
    Everything okay here? for sure the covid, out there
    it shouldn't be easy;
    Here in Brazil it is very difficult but we need to continue walking;
    Thank you for your visit; every first day of each month has a new post;

    (desculpe pela tradução mas acho que dá para entender)
    (sorry for the translation but I think you can understand)

  5. Alliums are so wonderful with their fun shapes - your spring garden was really pretty!


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