Saturday, March 14, 2020

Hurry Spring!

This week we have all been challenged with social distancing and self-quarantines.
Since my husband and I are considered "senior citizens" we have been staying home and trying to keep ourselves occupied.  

I started to clean out flower beds and planted a few cold hardy plants but now it's been raining for several days and expected to continue for the next week! 

What's a garden girl to do but bring the outdoors in.  I had to make a trip to Home Depot and found this lovely pink jasmine 

and a deep blue pot of hyacinths. 

The scents are intoxicating but we are enjoying some color indoors.

I've not grown pink jasmine before but it's an evergreen vine that is hardy to zone 8.  I will need to grow mine in a pot so I can overwinter it in the greenhouse. 

I'm also reorganizing my spring decorations and dishes so that I can use them more often this season.   I'm planning a girl tea for my best friend and her daughter for Easter and I can't wait to use some of my favorite dishes. 

Hope everyone is staying safe
 and well through this trying time.  


  1. I never knew you could grow jasmine in the zone. I love it and live in zone 6. I will check at our local store and see if I can find one. It is crazy out their. We are in our 60s and yesterday went to the store and could not find much of anything. We are going out again today. People are going crazy. Would you believe some are camping in the parking lot for the trucks to come in. WOW!!

  2. Hi Sonia, Good to hear from you on your blog -- your new indoor flowers are sooo beautiful! I hope you are soon able to enjoy sunny warm days in your lovely gardens as they wake up from winter. Take good care of yourself. Best, -Beth


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