Thursday, March 5, 2020

Lenten Rose

I have fallen in love with Lenten Roses (hellebores) and have been on the lookout at my local nurseries for double blossom varieties. 

I finally found the Winter Jewel Painted hellebore at my specialty nursery here in Oklahoma.

They are pricey but since they multiply and are very tough plants I feel they are worth the price.  I planted my first hellebore two years ago and it started blooming when temperatures were near freezing.  

The blooms last for months and the foilage is evergreen.  Such a nice all season plant for the shade.

If you haven't tried hellebores I encourage you to plant one this year.  They are hardy in zones 4-8.


  1. So beautiful! And so nice to have flowers already, Sonia. Hope you're enjoying warm spring days in your lovely gardens! Best, Beth


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