Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Butchart Gardens

The most beautiful place I've ever 
visited is Butchart Gardens in Victoria,
British Columbia.

When we planned our summer vacation/anniversary trip, Butchart Gardens was at the top of our list.  We had visited there about 10 years ago and I've been yearning to return.

We visited during the summer months when the garden is in full bloom and the 
weather is perfect.  The variety of plant material is amazing and the condition of the gardens is impeccable!

The garden is divided into "rooms" and I've decided to share the garden in several posts so that I could share each "garden room".

When you enter the gardens the main walkway takes you to the original home of the Butcharts.

This color combination is one of my favorites and the plants are easy to grow here in Oklahoma.  The blue salvia, pink begonias, dusty miller and geraniums are a foolproof combo for a warm garden.  

The home now houses a restaurant and just outside is Mrs. Butchart's original private garden area.  She was an amazing gardener and turned an old rock quarry into one of the most photographed gardens in the world.

I love the arbor and flower boxes!

If you have never visited the gardens or Vancouver Island, do yourself a favor and go during the summer.  

Spring is around the corner
 and I can't wait to plant flowers!

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Next post:  The sunken quarry garden


  1. What an awesome place. Wish I could see it personally. Enjoyed it through your eyes tho.

  2. My favorite garden too! Love the sunken garden best! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I've been twice and would love to return. It is my favorite garden too! Thanks for sharing your visit.

  4. it really is a beautiful place.

  5. Oh Miss Bloomers, I am in love with this garden. I am a new follower. HAPPY GROUND HOG'S DAY!
    JM, Illinois

  6. Breathtakingly beautiful Sonia! So glad you were able to visit and thanks for sharing pix. :)


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