Sunday, February 21, 2016

Butchart Rose Gardens

We had an amazing warm up yesterday and almost broke the all time record for high temperature.  It was a nice 83 degrees without much wind so we  took advantage 
of the day and headed outside to get a jump 
start on our spring garden chores!

Butchart Rose Gardens

I bought a few more pansies, dianthis
 and some romaine lettuce to plant up in pots.
We still have a month to go before we are clear of 
last frosts, so it will be easy to move the pots or
 cover them up if needed.

I'm continuing to share more "garden rooms" of Butchart Gardens from our trip last summer.  I just need the inspiration and revisiting 
Butchart through photographs gives me joy!

Here are a few of my favorite roses and pictures from 
the rose gardens at Butchart.

I hope you are getting excited about Spring too!


  1. many pretty photos! I would love to visit. I know you must have been thrilled with this tour!

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pics, Sonia!


  2. I'm breaking out in a sweat with you! Yes your pictures are stunning!

    My irises, jasmine, and daisies are blooming. We've had such a mild winter that our plants think it's time already.

  3. Such an astounding experience to visit this garden. Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots.

  4. Your photos of this wonderful place are glorious. I especially love their amazing baskets. One year we had these "delux" type baskets in Old Colorado City where I had my business. They cost us (merchants group) $200.00 each. Not your $20.00 type for sure! I appreciated them but many didn't so the next year they voted for cheaper ones. Butchart Gardens is so amazing. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos on your blog.

  5. Sonia, how lucky you were to be able to visit such a world-class garden during the peak of the rose bloom season. I've never been to the garden, but I do have a DVD about it -- which is not the same thing, I know! It's on my list.... Thanks for giving us the armchair tour of such a great garden on such a wonderful day! -Beth


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