Saturday, January 23, 2016

George Washington Lavender Farm

It's January and I'm already dreaming of Spring, 
daffodils and lavender!  I am thankful that 
we are not knee deep in snow and 
that we did have sunshine today.
I think of my east coast friends and their 
blizzard conditions and count my blessings and 
hope all are safe and warm!

I think winter is a nice "vacation" for gardeners from all the work we do but I do miss my garden this time of year and can't wait for spring.  I find myself frequently on Pinterest finding new ideas and plans for this year's garden.  I am going back and looking at photos I took on vacation for more garden inspiration.  My photos from the George Washington Lavender Farm make me anxious to get out and plant
 more lavender in my garden! 

George Washington Inn and Lavender Farm is located in Sequim, Washington where we spent part of our Pacific Northwest vacation in July.  What a treat it was to visit this incredible place.  The owners built a replica of George Washington's Mount Vernon home that is an inn and they surrounded it with lavender and a farm store.   We visited during the lavender festival and the weather was perfect!  The views were stunning from the bluff overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the north and to the south toward the Olympic Mountains.

The inn has won many awards and the grounds are beautiful.
There was a string orchestra on the front porch 
playing classical music for the visitors.

The farm store was full of their lavender products and they were serving lavender ice cream too!

The soldiers reenacted battles in full uniformed dress
 and the ladies looked beautiful as well. 

One of the local restaurants from Port Angeles had set up a food tent and served amazing seafood chowder
 and fish salads. 

The sunroom was set up for high tea.  

Our visit was perfect and we definitely want to return during the lavender season again. 

If you love lavender this area is the perfect destination. 

Here is the link to the inn and farm:

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  1. Hi Sonia. It's so good to see a post from you. :)

    Your trip looks amazing as all of them do. I can't imagine all of that lavender. I bet it smelled wonderful! The sights are very pretty.

  2. I share your feelings about wanting spring to arrive so we can work on our gardens! February and March are hard months to get through in our area.

    The GW Inn looks awesome---I LOVE lavender. And my husband is such a history bug, I know he would have enjoyed the costumes and reenactments. It sounds like it was a wonderful trip.

    Thanks for your visit, I hope I haven't missed too many of your posts. I feel like I'm juggling 15 balls in the air!!

    Take care, Sonia!


  3. Dear Sonia:
    What lovely pictures and yes - they do make us so anxious for springtime. That was sure beautiful lavender. I would love to have you come share this at my blog party tomorrow.

  4. Lavender....ooooohhhh I love it!
    I'm so glad you found me at my new blog. I've missed all my blog friends!

    Cottage Blessings,

  5. Dear Sonia:
    I am so glad you shared these photos as it will be wonderful for those buried in SNOW to know that spring will come!!!! Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Oh Sonia, this is beautiful! You convinced me that this is a place we need to see. Thank you for telling us about this.

  7. Since the snowstorm hit, I've been thinking a lot about Spring, too and those beautiful pictures have me longing for it that much more. It truly looks like a wonderful place to visit... :)

  8. Love, love visiting Sequim during lavender season. I haven't been to the inn, but have been to other farms in the area. Thanks for the share, it is quite beautiful there.

  9. I was happy to feature this blog post on Saturday for the special featured blogs! Thanks so much for linking!

  10. Oh! This looks like an amazing place to visit. I too am waiting for spring to arrive, and our French lavender plants to start blooming again. xo


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