Sunday, May 17, 2015

May Flowers

All the rain has just been wonderful for the landscape.  We have had twice the normal amount of rainfall for this time of year and the Lake Hefner is nearing normal levels again.

We just got home from a trip and this morning I took a garden walk to see what was blooming in the garden.

I love these oakleaf hydrangeas, so easy to grow and they bloom every year no matter how cold and snowy 
our winter has been.
I wish I had planted more years ago, but so happy to have a mature shrub to enjoy now.

The privet is full of bees and American Painted Lady butterflies.  I love how they smell and how pretty they are in full bloom.   I can always count on them to be full of 
painted ladies this time of year. 

Window boxes on the shady side of the house are blooming nicely but still have lots of growing to do.

Always fun to go on a trip but I love returning home
 to my garden.



  1. So pretty! We are finally getting lots of rain here too. Boy it makes a difference! Your oak leaf hydrangeas are beautiful. We planted one here at this house and it's doing great. :)

  2. I so look forward to your pretty flowers, Sonia!! Wow!

    Tons of rain here! Good and bad!

    Jane x

  3. Hi Sonia, Your garden is looking wonderful. I like your window boxes. Love the privet and the oak leaf hydrangea too - if you love it so much and want more, why not plant them now? Regarding hydrangeas I have an 'Incredible' which is like an 'Annabelle' with huge round white blooms and it matures quickly and is FULL of many blooms. I highly recommend it. I also have an 'Invincibelle Spirit' which is similar to the 'Annabelle' as well but with bright pink blooms. It's only a year old so am reserving judgment on it, but I've seen it in others' gardens and it is a stunner. From the blogs, I became desirous of a 'Limelight' and I added those (2) this spring. For my climate, I have found the endless summer cultivars don't do well/they don't bloom reliably which is too bad because they can truly be gorgeous with blue, lavender, or pink blooms depending upon soil pH. Well, I have given you enough advice on hydrangeas! I can tell you love them, and so do I. Sonia, your garden is beautiful and I look forward to continuing to watch it as the seasons progress.

  4. Sonia, the autocorrect got me again. My hydrangea is 'Incrediball.'

  5. Rain, rain, and more rain here. Hopefully our lakes are rising. ;-)
    My oak leaf hydrangeas were flourishing, but the rain has beaten them down a bit. Everything is lush and green though.

  6. Well no wonder you love returning home to your garden! Very pretty. Love your gate! Have fun at the lavender festival! I have never been to Buschart Gardens but we had friends show us pix from there years ago so I know you are in for some wonderful beauty! :)

  7. Your garden is lovely. There are so many beautiful flowers to look at and I really love that window box... :)


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