Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Showers

It's been raining buckets and I can't do any more gardening until we have some dry days, but we are so thankful 
for the rain! 

Asao Clematis

I've been visiting garden centers, farmer's markets and small local nurseries to purchase new flowering plants.
  We have a 1/3 of an acre lot so it takes me awhile to get all the beds cleaned out, planted and mulched.  

Gerbera Daisies

The sunshine should return tomorrow and hopefully by Thursday the soil won't be so wet. 

Before the rain started I went out and cut a 
bouquet of irises 
from behind our fence.  

These were already laying on the ground from a
heavy dew and some wind so I brought 
them inside to enjoy. 

I always love cutting that first spring bouquet!  

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  1. Aww your irises are blooming already! That's great. Hopefully ours will soon.

  2. Beautiful iris! Loved seeing the view across your patio; your garden is SO pretty, Sonia. Hope the soil has dried out and allowed you to get into the garden by now. Have a nice wknd!

  3. Oh Sonia, I LOVE your back yard without even seeing much of it. It's lovely in the rain! Thank you for telling me about the resource for the hanging wire French basket. I finished my new terrace garden project and am going to put those baskets on my wish list for my terrace railing for next spring. Wishing you sunshine so you can garden some more, young lady! :)

  4. Sonia, thanks for your nice comments you left on my blog about my new itty-bitty garden. I love how positive you always are; you have a lovely spirit, my dear. Congrats on buying a greenhouse; how fun for you! Also, I am amazed at your organized garden m.o. with your journals etc. Very impressive! Right after I saw your pretty rain, the next day it rained a lot on my terrace; my rug is still wet. So much for that song, "It never rains in Southern California." Ha! Happy Mom's Day!

  5. Thanks for sharing, i came across many blogs thrue other bloggers and leave a comment, i follow blogs that shares the same hobby,s as i...love to visit again...blessings

  6. Hi Sonia, I mentioned your blog in my latest blog post. :) Kathryn

  7. Sonia, you are welcome for the blog mention. I think you would LOVE the Audrey Hepburn DVDs! Also, I am posting something else garden-related next week I think you will LOVE, so be sure to visit my blog if you get a chance. Blessings. Kathryn :)

  8. I planted a lot of last year the rebloomers I have had one foe several years. They bloom 3 times a year more to enjoy.


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