Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rain and Monarchs

More rain is in our forecast for this holiday
 weekend  and the lake is full.   
Only a month ago it was 12 feet below normal levels!

My garden is definitely green but
 a few plants have gotten too 
much water and aren't growing as well.

Yesterday I took this picture of my oakleaf hydrangea in the rain.  Even though the blooms are large they 
do hold up well when wet.

This weekend I'm hoping to get some more planting and mulching done before the heat finally does arrive. 
  I also need to clean and decorate 
my front porch too.

This was our porch a few years ago decorated for the 4th of July.   
I like to  decorate it with our flag 
and buntings for Memorial Day too.   

Today the sun came out and the privet in our garden was full of bees and American Painted Ladies but I also counted six Monarchs flying about and enjoying the multitude of white fragrant blooms. 

Such a joy to see them throughout the garden and then going back and forth to the 
privet blooms. 

I'm so thankful that my butterfly garden is doing it's job and I'm hoping that the milkweeds I've planted will help them on their migration.   

Crossing my fingers that we don't get rained out the entire weekend so I can
 finish planting a few more annuals. 

Have a wonderful weekend and  
safe travels if you are on the road! 


  1. Your garden is so lush and beautiful. You get monarch butterflies earlier than we do here in the Pacific northwest. They are so beautiful and it is always a treat to see them.

    Your porch is lovely, I can see why you got the prestigious yard award !

  2. Beautiful garden, and lucky you to have the monarchs visit. Our lakes need the rain too. They are much lower than 12 feet! Thanks for the thoughtful note.
    Happy Weekend!

  3. Your yard and garden are so lush, so green. Indeed it is a joy to see wildlife enjoying the garden, especially monarchs. Enjoy your holiday weekend, Sonia!

  4. Love your green grass and beautiful flowers. I read about a garden in Oklahoma.
    that sold to nursery. I hope I can find it. My 2 older daughter are giving me a trip for my birthday and Mother's day. I sent away for information about your State's gardens, however I guess I waited too late. We leave Shreveport Tuesday will spend the night close to Dallas and see one there and head out to your town on Thursday. We had a bad summer last year not enough rain. The coldest winter I can remember. Happy gardening from Carrel and Juanita.

    1. Hope you are enjoying your safe with all this rain!

  5. Sonia, I always enjoy seeing your beautiful garden, but I haven't seen any monarch butterflies yet in my neck of the woods. Hey, maybe you can send some of that rain to Pennsylvania. We've been getting a little here and there, but not a whole lot... :)

  6. I can imagine that too much water/rain can wreak havoc on plants. One winter we had so much snow my tulips and daffs never bloomed. I've read, too, that while water plumps up the plant's roots, they actually grow best when the roots are somewhat dry. Still, I think your flowers look gorgeous and your grass is brilliantly green!!! And I love how you decorated your house so patriotically. This will be our first July 4th at home in 25 years.. I have to remember to have hubby bring my box of decorations home from the lake (the garage was saved!).

    Happy Memorial Day, Sonia! :)

    Jane x

  7. Your garden looks beautiful, and your butterfly image is so pretty that it almost doesn't look real. We are having a lot of rain too, and it is also predicted for every day this week. I wish I had already done as much in my garden as you have, because I don't know when I'll get back out there.


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