Friday, April 17, 2015

Wire Flower Baskets and a Winner!

I love window boxes and filling them full of 
my favorite annuals.   There is something so charming about window boxes, don't you agree?

I found several french wire baskets years ago and I decided to hang two of them the brick wall outside
 my kitchen window.
The wall is a dark brick fence that belongs to the 
house next door.   I've never liked the dark brick color so I 
 decided to soften the look of the wall a couple years ago.  I've tried a number of flowering vines with little success until three years ago I found that boston ivy would be the perfect solution.  It has no flowers but the wall of green foliage looks so pretty.    The ivy doesn't damage the brick or mortar and it turns beautiful shades of
 yellow and orange in the fall.

The added bonus is the vine produces little blue berries for the birds.  The vine is vigorous and has almost covered the wall entirely in three growing seasons. 
My neighbor didn't want me to trim the vine and it has grown over to her side of the wall and has had a cooling effect on her pool deck.  Her pool is surrounded by concrete and more dark brick walls.  It just gets so hot in the middle of July so the boston ivy has been a "green" way to 
cool things off. 

The wire flower baskets give a much needed pop of 
color to the wall. 
These type of "window boxes" are so wonderful because there is no wood bottoms to rot and they are easily changed with the seasons and are virtually maintenance free.  
I purchase new coconut hull liners each spring and fill them with a fresh premium potting soil before planting.

I have found that sun loving annuals like geraniums, lantana and verbena do very well and keep blooming throughout the season.

Last year I planted red geraniums but this year I decided I wanted to look at pink and yellow flowers all summer long. 

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  1. Sonia, your summer garden is going to be refreshing. I love geraniums and plant them every spring. I mostly plant white ones, but added in a bright red this spring.
    Thanks for sharing and congratulation to the winner.

  2. Those are gorgeous! I'm going to go buy some more annuals this weekend to add some more color to my balcony! You've inspired me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've always loved the look of window boxes, too and your flowers look so beautiful hanging on the wall surrounded by ivy. I hope you have a wonderful weekend... :)

  4. Your wire basket is beautifully done, and I love the ivy on the wall. I am excited about winning your giveaway, Sonia! Thanks!

  5. What a beautiful way to make the view prettier. I love ivies and flowers combined.

  6. What a pretty window box, and the ivy looks very nice on that wall! Thanks for sharing your good ideas. -Beth

  7. Oh, I love those! Do you know where I can buy two online for my new terrace tune-up? I still need two hanging planters I think to round things out/fill in. Thanks!

  8. Everything looks wonderful.
    We have a wild vine that grows in our backyard that is beautiful but is also invasive.
    (Queen Ann's Lace)

    I love the baskets! I know what you mean about cooling things off-
    I live in South Texas.

    White Spray Paint

  9. Pink f you drove by my house you could tell.and yellow are my favorite colors. f you drove by my house. I am adding Lavender and purple now. I love your baskets. Every thing is beautiful.


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