Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring and Mr.T

Well I thought Spring had arrived only to find that we are now threatened with another possible freeze!
Most of the plants I have already planted should survive but I'm concerned about my beloved hydrangeas as they are setting their flowers heads now.  Only time will are a few plants that have bloomed in the garden this week. 

This purple Clematis is a favorite and I have it mixed with a climbing rose over my garden arbor.  

My garden is about a month behind on growth and not much has bloomed...seems my plants don't know whether to do retreat or grow.  We had 80 plus degrees two days ago so I went out and cleaned flower beds and planted a few things. Oklahoma isn't the easiest state to be a gardner in but I'm determined anyway!

Mr. T showed himself after a long winter and quite a hail storm last week!  I'm always delighted to see him after months of wondering if he'll return.   He loves bananas!


Nelly Moser Clematis





English buttercups

I love this color combination...
 and my trowel given to me by a friend.

Hurry back Spring!

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  1. Everything looks so pretty! I'd be covering those hydrangeas tonight. Do you have some old sheets or blankets you could throw out there? I have a sweet little trowel like that - mine's pink. It makes me smile.

  2. Yes, hurry back, Spring. It's nippy here and bitter wind all day. Not expecting a freeze though. Hope your hydrangeas survive. Your garden is lovely!

  3. Nature can be such a tease! You have so many pretty things blooming! I hope you don't lose anything.

    Mr. T. is precious. Bananas?! Where does he go in the winter months?


  4. Hi, Sonia! I wish I had just the tiniest bit of your talent! What a gorgeous garden. I can't believe this weather! It's just crazy. Hopefully this is the last of the cold fronts and we can move on and enjoy Spring.

  5. Looks pretty in your garden. You are way ahead of us; we have just the spring bulbs blooming. Love your clematis and lilac. I enjoyed seeing Mr. T! How cool!

  6. I went to college in Oklahoma and still have family there. You are correct about it being difficult to garden in that state. My sister in law recently moved to New York from Oklahoma, and she cannot believe how much easier it is to grow everything here. You have some beautiful flowers despite the challenges.


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