Saturday, May 18, 2013

Starring Mr. T

Mr. T is our resident turtle...I've posted about him each year since I've been blogging, especially in spring when I spot him after the 
long winter months.  

He is a box turtle that has been here ever since we moved in our almost 20 years!  He is actually friendly and will approach us...I'm sure he equates us with food as we always find something to feed him.  Bananas and lettuce seem to be favorites.

My son is a professional film editor and works on local commercials and television shows in Oklahoma and he surprised me with this unique video of Mr. T!

Not exactly in the style of 
Miss Bloomers but very entertaining and made me laugh!

Thanks Patrick!

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  1. I love this! I was expecting to watch a slow a slow moving turtle munching...not the techno music and fast action! It's so neat to me that you've had Mr. T around for years.

    Here's a sweet story for you. The other day I went to my MIL's home. She immediately took me out in the yard to see a baby cardinal that was on the ground trying to fly. The mommy and daddy bird were there with it. It never flew that day and then big rain storms came that night. My MIL prayed for the bird because she was so worried. She saw it safe and sound the next day.

    Our little yard creatures are such blessings.

  2. Oh...I wish I had a turtle living in my backyard! There is a house in the Sheperd neighborhood that has a huge turtle - like 100lbs and a swan living in it. A friend of mine pointed it out and we stood at their fence and watched the two of them having a busy day in the backyard. It was so cool! I've wanted a turtle in my backyard but have been afraid the dogs would bother it. I'm sure one bite from the turtle and they'd leave it alone. They don't bother the toads in the backyard. He is so cute and I loved the video.

  3. What a neat video! Very cool that you have this turtle living in your yard. We don't see them in yards in our area, although they do live around lakes.
    Loved this post! ~Beth

  4. How cute!!! I can't believe he's been there 20 years! That's so cool.

  5. Hi Sonia....This is my first time visiting your blog. Beth (above) told me about your turtle so I had to come and see him. What a great "friend" to have in your garden. It's hard to believe that he's at least 20 years old!! I just posted about a little baby turtle that showed up in our yard yesterday. It's a mystery as to how he got there and it's a miracle that I even saw him. I sure hope you visit my blog to read about him...we named him Tuttle. By the way....I'm passionate about gardening too....absolutely LOVE it!!

  6. I used to have a friend who kept turtles in her backyard and she invited all of the school children to come and visit. Love that your son surprised you with the video. Hope he was out of harm's way, when the tornado hit!!


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