Thursday, April 18, 2013

Azaleas and Mom

I arrived home from Florida exhausted but grateful for the time I was able to spend with my Mom.  The emotional aspect of her move went better than expected but sorting through mounds of paperwork and belongings was tedious and seemed never ending!  She was not able to make decisions so my sister-in-law and niece pitched in and helped me sort and pack.  We thankfully only had to move her to a room downstairs in the Memory Unit. 
  I lost count of how many trips we made up and downstairs!  

She and my father lived in the Orient for many years and her collection of porcelain, cloisonne and Asian art is impressive so we kept a few larger pieces in her room.  We did hire a professional to move
 her large pieces. 

We hung her six panel screen high on the wall  to conserve precious floor space since the suites are cozy and not very large. 

Her new suite is in the Azalea Wing and has a great light and a lovely view of the garden and patio with blooming azaleas, roses and saucer magnolias. 

  I carefully sorted her possessions and moved her favorite things while editing so her new home would feel more spacious and easier for her and the staff to move around in. 
This is her favorite rattan chair, she has a pair of them so we choose 
these to remain in her room. 

This cabinet is full of her favorite pieces.  She   purchased most of the cloisonne in Hong Kong...her favorite place to shop!

My brother brought over a rocking chair so Mom can enjoy watching television in a comfy place. 

The suites have small kitchenettes with white cabinets.  She loves her blue and white porcelain and when she still owed a home her collection was displayed over the cabinets and throughout her kitchen.   We placed as many of her favorite pieces above the cabinets as we could squeeze up there! 

She loves her collection of celadon so I placed a few pieces on her dresser and made a flower arrangement for her before leaving for home.

The staff at the assisted facility always enjoy coming into Mom's room as she can still tell them stories about each piece she acquired and what country it was purchased.   

She loves her new room and by keeping as many of her favorite things around her and I think she will adjust nicely in the days and weeks to come.

Thanks for so many of your sweet comments and emails!  Blogging buddies are the best!


  1. Hi Sonia. I guess you got home just in time for the April weather. :)

    I'm so glad you were able to keep so many things in your moms room. It will be good for her to have familiar and loved things that she can talk about.

    Rest a little. Feel good that you've been taking good care of your mom.

  2. Sonia, your mom is lucky to have a loving daughter who is there to help settle her in. When we moved our mom into assisted living, we wanted to make her apartment feel as familiar and as much like home as possible. Looks like you did just that for your mom. Her collections are lovely, and it's thoughtful of you to keep as much of them as possible so she can continue to enjoy them. Of course her blue and white is the star for me. Glad you are safely back home and that your mom is adjusting. ~ Sarah

  3. Oh...doesn't she have a lot of pretty things! I know it must have been so hard to leave her. I hope she is very happy there. And I'm glad you are safely back home.


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