Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garden Walk-Happy Mother's Day

Red Spotted Purple Butterfly

 I love walking through my garden and discovering what has bloomed or watching  butterflies find a safe place to land.   I enjoy watching the many varieties of birds that frequent my backyard.   They are nesting, taking bird baths and singing happy little songs this sunny day.   Yesterday I took a walk through my  garden and took a few pictures along the way.   

My knockout roses are truly "knockouts" this spring and just covered with blooms.  I am amazed at this wonderful rose and how easy it is to grow!

These beautiful peonies were among a few plants in the yard when I moved in 15 years ago.  The fuschia pink color is so bold and the scent is wonderful.

I am fortunate to have several older plants and I just keep dividing them.

The roses I planted on my arbor and garden gate are finally growing.  One rose is still much taller than the other but they are both blooming well.  This variety is a knockout climber and is supposed to rebloom all summer.  This is the second full growing season in my garden,  so I'm anxious to see how much they will grow this year and how well they bloom.  I hope they reach the top of the arbor this year. 
 I just love the red color with
the white arbor!       

I still have much planting to do...but just wanted to take a day to enjoy my garden instead of working in it.    Hope your day is wonderful!  

Happy Mother's Day!  



  1. Sonia,

    Your roses and peonies are simply gorgeous! I'd want to enjoy it all too! It's funny how we will work so hard to make our gardens or homes so pretty but we sometimes forget to enjoy them and we keep moving on with the next project, etc. Glad you took some time to enjoy the beauty, and thanks for sharing it with us!

    Happy Mothers Day,


  2. Happy Mother's Day Sonia. :)

    Your gardens are so beautiful! We have to get together soon.

  3. Your garden is beautiful. I love the climbing rose. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed that walk through your garden. Your roses are beautiful and so is the butterfly. You can't beat those knockout roses for performance. The picture of your arbor with the climbing rose against the blue sky is just beautiful too.
    Glad you were able to take some time to enjoy the fruits (flowers) of your labor.

  5. Happy Mother's Day! Beautiful garden. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. Your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful flowers.. You definately have a green thumb~!
    I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.. Your comment on my blog surely made mine more special.


  8. Your garden is so pretty! I just have to plant some of those Knockout Roses, I've seen them on several blogs and I just love them! You do have a green thumb, everything looks so lush and healthy!
    I hope you had a nice Mother's Day!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  9. Sonia, your garden is so lovely. I'd love to be able to grow peonies. Yours are truly stunning. To think we pay $5 a stem to buy fresh cut peonies here. Enjoy yours!
    Thanks for taking us along on the walk in your garden. ~ Sarah

  10. How beautiful! I am hoping the deer leave the peonies alone this year! I love them..the flowers, not the deer!


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