Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shamrock Teapot Tablescape -Blessing of a Friend

This year I decided to look for dishes for St. Patrick's Day to tablescape with.   It was a little harder to find pieces than I expected but I did manage to find a few pieces that didn't look  "cartoonish".  I'm actually in love with Belleek Irish China but it's so expensive and not in my budget.    My best friend heard me talking about my search and that I had not found much and she surprised me with this beautiful teapot she found on the internet! 

Isn't it beautiful?  It's made in Japan, although it reminds me of the Belleek teapots that are so expensive.  It has a beautiful iridescent pearl glaze  and appears to be vintage.   I just love it!   I collect teapots too so I was thrilled to receive such a wonderful gift.  I've been blessed with such a thoughtful friend. 

Thanks Val!

I rearranged the top of  my piano to feature  the teapot and added a green majolica plate.  

Here's another look a my St. Patrick's Day tablescape/vignette.   

I'll be posting part 2 of my tablescape next week!

Irish Blessings!  

Wishing you always -

Walls from the wind

And a hood for rain

And tea beside the fire.

Laughter to cheer you,

And those you love near you,

And all that your heart might desire!

                                                    ~author unknown~

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  1. What an awesome teapot! Your so lucky to have it in your collection.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Oh, oh, oh, I love that teapot! It is just darling! I actually have alot of Belleek, as my mother-in-law sold it in her store. I inherited it and have it stashed away. Will bring it out for St. Patrick's Day!

  3. How fabulous of your friend to get you the's so beautiful! Thanks for visiting me; your blog is lovely and I'm now following!



  4. The teapot is beautiful! What a nice friend!!

  5. It was fun to see a tablescape on something other than a regualar table. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Oh what a wonderful teapot. It really is so pretty. I love the cabbage plate too with the topiary. A beautiful vignette. Hugs, Marty

  7. That does look like Belleek. It is lovely!
    My sister collects it, her dh is Irish born..she has service for 12..I covet it!
    Why don't you join in the St. Patrick's Party at my place on the 16th. Pop in a check out the details!

  8. Sonia it is gorgeous! Love the precious plate as well. You have an amazing eye for elegant details sweet friend. I really enjoy your blog.

    ~Blessings to you this week. ~Melissa :)

  9. Lovely teapot! Love the vignette, simple and beautiful.

  10. I'm I've never heard of the expensive brand of teapot you mentioned. But, I just love your friend for knowing your heart and doing such a thoughtful thing for you. Just a couple of minutes ago my doorbell rang and a beautiful orchid & ginger lei was delivered. Read the card and it was from a friend wishing me a belated birthday. Just made my day!! Holly

  11. LOVE that teapot Sonia!

    love, kelee at

  12. Love it! What a sweet friend you have! Have a lovely week.


  13. I'm a sucker for tea things, and that tea pot is adorable. I also LOVE the cabbage leaf plate!

  14. Hello sweet friend...

    Ohhh...what a blessing indeed! Your shamrock teapot is so beautiful, Sonia! It does remind me so much of Beleek! How very sweet of Val to gift you with this pretty teapot! And thank you for sharing it with us today for Sunday Favorites!!!

    I really do love all the majolica dishware and have none! Boohoo! Hehe! It accents your pretty teapot perfectly! What a lovely Spring vignette...ahhh, like a breath of fresh air!!! So very pretty!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  15. I love the teapot. What a nice gift from your friend!


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