Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tulip Time

I am fortunate to live in a city that values gardens and parks!  The Myriad Botanical Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City is one of my favorite places to visit.  I've shared it's conservatory at Christmas and Pumpkinville on previous posts.  Each season the gardens are more
 beautiful as the landscape matures.      

In recent years the gardens have received a major overhaul and the results have been stunning.
I love this bench under a red bud tree surrounded by coordinating colors of tulips.  

The tulips are in full bloom and before they disappear for another year I just had to make a trip downtown and share some photographs.  

The bicolors are my favorites!
I wish tulips lasted longer but with different varieties you can prolong the time you have them in the landscape.

This inspires me to plant more tulips in the fall! 

Such a lovely place to sit or take a stroll!
Hope you are enjoying some spring flowers
 in your neighborhood!

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous
    Spring is struggling to appear atMuldoon.

  3. Beautiful! We still don't have spring in Indiana hope it shows up soon! Have a Blessed Easter

  4. How pretty! I need to make a trip down there! There is a house in Crown Heights that always has lots of tulips. I went by it the other day and it did not disappoint. Happy Easter!

  5. Lombard, IL is noted for their lilac Festival in May. I hope to visit that area soon because planted below the bushes are tulips, I mean tons of bulbs. It is so special to visit there. Your blog I enjoyed so much because tulips were the main theme and oh how I love tulips.
    JM, IL

  6. I love tulips. They are such beautiful flowers... :)

  7. Thank you for taking us along. I love a pretty garden.
    Happy Easter!

  8. The tulips are stunning, what a beautiful place to visit. Joyeux Paques.

  9. Just stunning all the colors Sonia! Wishing you a blessed Easter!

  10. What beautiful images, Sonia! Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Easter,


  11. Sonia, I love tulips and red bud trees. I live in Georgia and we are just now seeing spring color. You are fortunate to visit the garden in all the different seasons. I hope you enjoyed a blessed Easter.


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