Sunday, March 15, 2015

Almost Spring!

It's only a few more days until it's
 officially Spring!
Oh how I have missed my garden bloomers 
and green grass.
Just this week I'm seeing buds on my trees and shrubs and the best part is my daffodils are blooming.

I don't have a real forsythia bush anymore
 ( I need to replace it) but I did arrange some silks with a spring nest on my side table in the dining room to give me some much needed inspiration.   
Yellow is my happy color and I love using a splash of it in each of my rooms. 

The first bloomers
This winter seemed especially harsh so when the temperatures soared back in the 70's I felt like I had just came out of hibernation!  I've started my spring cleaning, rearranging and decorating.  If I get really ambitious I'll even have a garage sale next month! 

I made a simple centerpiece for my dining room table using Easter grass and some sweet bunny egg cups I purchased at 
Wal Mart for $2.98.    They reminded me of the Pottery Barn egg cups I saw a
 few years ago.

I purchased the galvanized tiered server for 60% at Hobby Lobby last fall.  For Christmas I had the server filled with pine branches and ornaments.  
I think it will be pretty to decorate with each season and I love the versatility of this piece. 

I collect egg cups and these were just too cute to pass up.   I layered the green grass with the my carrots, and bunny cups.  I sprinkled in a few little yellow chicks too. 

Nothing cuter than a baby yellow chick!
 I'm so excited it's almost Spring!!

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  1. those are the cutest egg cups! I know Walmart had the cutest stuff last year. I'll have to go check it out this year before it's all gone! So cute.

  2. Happy Spring! Bunnies and eggs started popping up here this past week. Fun to pull out the Easter things. Your server looks adorable with its bunnies and carrots.

  3. I love your spring things and the bunny is so cute. I can't wait til Spring this year.

  4. How pretty! You never know what you'll find at WalMart! The egg cups are adorable.

  5. Your post is full of Spring charm, dear Sonia :) Happy Monday to you! Hugs

  6. It is a wonderful day when the daffodils start to bloom in the spring. The snow is still melting away in Ohio but the daffodils are up and should bloom within the next week or two. I bought the same egg cups in aqua, they are just so darling. I didn't see any white ones, If I had I would have bought them instead of the blue. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  7. What a lovely spring centerpiece! This is such a happy time of year. Thanks for sharing your springtime decorations and flowers with us! -Beth

  8. Dear Sonia, your spring vignettes are beautiful! I love the daffodils blooming, it's such a happy flower in the pretty yellow. I also love the tiered with the bunnies...Spring is coming my friend!
    Thanks for your sweet visit.

  9. You're definitely springing at your house, and it's looking so bright and pretty. Your tiered server looks so festive, and I love the way you've decorated your wire cloche. Spring can't get here soon enough for me.

  10. Love the carrots! Happy almost Spring! :)

  11. Love the carrots! Happy almost Spring! :)

  12. Everything looks so bright, cheerful and springy. Love the bunny egg cups and the carrots!

  13. Hi Sonia, It looks very springy inside your home with your centerpiece and your forsythia - and it looks springy outside too, with blooming daffodils! Yea! Spring is such a wonderful, welcome season! :)

  14. Really like the egg cups. Yes that is a great seasonal piece.

  15. A delightful arrangement of indoor spring! You did a lovely job putting it all together! Happy Spring to you!

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