Saturday, April 12, 2014

California Cookies

We are home from California and I've been
 unpacking and getting back into my 
post vacation groove.

The California coast is our favorite vacation destination and we always try to find a few new places to visit and share.  The local travel channel and a friend tipped us 
off on an adorable 
cookie shop in Cayucos and we had to 
make a  trip and try them.

The Brown Butter Cookie Co. is  owned by two sisters who previously ran a successful deli in Cayucos.  The bakery is in a beautiful red building,  has a view of the Pacific Ocean and if that wasn't enough the aroma of butter and cookies greets you at the door!

I was immediately in love....I mean really.... this bakery has it all!  Happy people hand making butter cookies and giving out samples of their creations make for a fun visit.  There are several varieties to choose from so everyone is sure to find a favorite.

Ingredients are high quality and made right in full view of  customers.  We purchased several boxes and packages to share with our cookie loving friends and family.

Well worth a stop if you are along 
the central coast. 

 Cayucos is located north of
 Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo and not far
 from the Hearst Castle.

P.S. don't know why the size of my font changed ..any ideas?


  1. The California Coast is always a wonderful destination. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and the information on this cookie shop.

  2. The cookie place sounds wonderful. The wonderful smell of butter would definitely pull me in. :)

  3. Oh...I could go crazy in a cookie shop like that! Your pics are beautiful. I've been to L.A. and San Diego (the latter near the coast) and it's always stunning! So glad you had a great trip!
    I just came upon a blog tonight that also had a problem with her font changing. Something in the water?


  4. So glad you had a safe trip! Hope it was fun as well!

  5. Beautiful photos! A former neighbor of ours always loved Cayucos and eventually bought a home in the area and moved there - your photos show me why! :)
    Love the new look to your blog. Very springy, perfect for a gardener. Great to see your photo on your profile now too.

  6. Ok, now I need to go to this bakery next time I travel south! I've never heard of it before but now - it's a must!


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