Monday, March 31, 2014

California Here We Come!

Vacation time is finally here!  We are excited to leave for California in the morning.  We'll fly into San Francisco and our vacation will take us up to Napa Valley first and then we will head back down to stay along the Pacific Coast Scenic Highway in Santa Cruz, Carmel and Avila Beach.

I'll be on a blog break but I'll take lots of pictures to share!

Are we there yet!


  1. You are traveling to some of my favorite destinations. We used to travel to CA frequently, but not much since retirement. Have a great trip. Safe travels!

  2. Have a blessed trip Sonia; what a wonderful itinerary! Our weather here has been like summer so hope you get that further up north in CA too!

  3. Love your photos and look forward to hearing more about your trip!


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