Friday, February 28, 2014

Darling Daffodils

The sun has been brightly shining and we could 
 go outside without bundling up
 in multiple layers today!

What a joy to go shopping with a  special friend and make the rounds to some of our favorite antique and craft malls.     It was so good to get out and get some Spring inspiration after all the cold weather and snow we've had.    I know we still have several weeks to go but nothing says Spring like 
sweet little daffodils!

Yellow is my happy color and daffodils are among my favorite spring flowers.   I couldn't resist these small little nests filled with miniature silk daffodils.   Just the perfect size to fit in a  

pretty cup....

a small bowl ....

or a terra cotta pot!

Sweet, small and darling!
I may have to go back and buy a few more...
oh and did I mention ....

I can't wait until Spring!

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  1. Wonderful burst of springtime.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Happy Spring Sonia; it won't be long! I love that lamp on your blog pix!

  3. Oh how sweet. They look so cute in the containers you've chosen. I've just started seeing daffodils around town.

    My son said you are having unbelievably beautiful weather there for a few days. I'm so glad!

  4. I just found your wonderful blog and just joined. Love the flowers and so spring.

  5. Beautiful yellow daffodils:) they are such a happy flower and even a few .. brighten a room. They look so pretty in your home:) xxlesile

  6. Oh how I needed to see this. Happy, bright and fresh while I sit in the dark of the morning, dreary, cold and too darned early.

  7. I love your nests filled with miniature silk daffodils! May I ask where you found them?

  8. I enjoyed going through your posts here! Have a great day!


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