Sunday, October 13, 2013


Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day in Oklahoma City.  
Perfect temperatures with no wind and clear blue skies made for a special day to spend with my best friend and her daughter.  We decided to visit the Myriad Botanical Gardens new fall attraction Pumpkinville on opening day. 

The gardens are located in the heart of downtown and 
 underwent an extensive remodeling last year with the 
addition of wonderful new children's garden. 

The great horned owl

This year the gardens include Pumpkinville, a fun and family friendly attraction within the children's garden. 

Lots of activities like pumpkin painting and washing clothes
 on an old scrub board kept our little one busy.  

The scarecrow greets everyone at Pumpkinville and is so stylish!

Corn Tee-Pees

Thousands of pumpkins line the gardens and make up the most beautiful displays.  I love the color combination of fall mums mixed with different varieties of pumpkins.

There were so many clever craft ideas they used to make some of the displays.  I especially loved the dryer venting made into pumpkins, spray painted and hung from the trees.

The octopus made from a "warty" gourd was fun and
 the children loved it!

This jazz combo was a lot of fun too!

The children's garden is small enough to spend a couple hours in without getting the little ones too worn out! (or the adults for that matter)

The gardens are absolutely beautiful and so worth a 
trip if you are in the area.   


Happy Fall!


  1. Sonia! I live here and had NO idea this is at the Myriad Gardens. How fun! I think I need to plan a field trip for myself. :) Thanks so much for sharing this. Your pics are great!

  2. So glad that you shared this with us! Outstanding! Cherry Kay

  3. How beautiful! I miss the Oklahoma weather in October. That's my favorite month there!!

  4. I loved seeing Pumpkinville. Very creative and fun! Your little one is adorable!

  5. Hi Sonia!
    Loved this so colorful and full of fun!
    Just popping in to say hello, I've missed you!

  6.! I forgot all about this...I must get down there and see it! Isn't it fun? I love all those pumpkins.

  7. Sonia, I would love to visit Pumpkinville. What a terrific civic event. I wish someone in Austin would do something like this. Great idea!

  8. Cool Place.....Love the decorations!

  9. Oh what a fun place! I love that it's in the city and easily accessible. Your little one looked like she was having a great time. I like how they designed the pumpkins in groups with colors and made it interesting. Those ones made from dryer vent material are great! My husband has a cousin living in Oklahoma City. I'll have to ask her if she's visited Pumpkinville!

  10. Nice Blog, what amazing pictures, that place looks like so much fun! :-) a fellow blogger, Cheriz


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